Vehicle to Grid (V2G) export payment delay - update

  • 3 January 2020
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Vehicle to Grid (V2G) export payment delay - update
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Update as of the 03/01/2020


You may have noticed that you've not received your export payments yet. We'd like to clarify this and confirm that your account will be credited by January 8th.


The reason for this is the export credit process includes a manual element and the festive period has led to a delay in confirming your totals.


Normal service will be resumed next month, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

2 replies

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It has been asked and is known that the export payments were delayed in January, however, unfortunately there are a few of us me included that are still waiting for out December payments, any help would be much appreciated @Tim_OVO thanks Again !!! 

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Hello @D10hul


I can confirm that a batch of payments was made on the 31st, however, whilst the export payments have been showing on the My OVO app, they were not showing on the statements. These statements are now in the process of being reissued to show the export payment on them. 


I hope this helps.