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Vehicle to Grid: “Min/Max” charging coming soon!

  • 22 November 2019
  • 32 replies
Vehicle to Grid: “Min/Max” charging coming soon!

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32 replies

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Thanks Tim and equally a Very Happy New Year to you and everyone at OVO, Hope you all had a festive and enjoyable Christmas.

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Hey trialists, this is now live, see here!



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Yes I was fiddling with it and left it on the recommended 25% to 90%-95% yesterday and this morning, car was not charged at all. :frowning2: I think there is a connection, perhaps it is worth investigating!?

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@Andras …..if you have the car fully charged in the morning and the app set to 95%, bring the max down to 50% and the car will start exporting back to the grid until you reach 50%…...

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Same for me @Andras charger faulted yesterday and today, just had enough to get me to work and back.  Are there a few things that need ironing out still? @kaluza

Hello @Andras and @jp1 , 

I’m sorry to hear you have had difficulties with this new feature. Please can you both email us at so we can look into what has caused these faults and make sure we can get a solution in place. 

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Thanks @Leo Moran, there was no issues with exporting and the charger working without any issues since. 

Thanks @Billie_OVO , I emailed support with the issue. It seems to me that after each update by Kaluza or changing settings in the app by the user (not sure which) the system goes down temporarily.