V2G Software update Jan 2020

  • 21 January 2020
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Today sees (well Sunday 20th in some cases) the long awaited big step forward in the software for the V2G unit being rolled out. 

Calibration issues have been attended too along with long awaited stability issues that have arisen for many of the V2G Pioneers, meaning that the users who had very unstable or unusable units should now have a more usable unit to allow them to become part of the trial properly, other updates include the long awaited “climate issue” that should see the using having the ability to support remote climate activation for those frosty mornings !!

Things are moving quite nicely in the V2G trial world, Beta testing is still continuing for items such as the app development and charge limiter, the G100 is in progress and we look forward to more updates in Q1 2020 ……….


5 replies

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Because it was easier to upload from my phone rather than transfer, but I hate typing on a phone so I revert to the desktop !! heres a split post and explanation.


The software has updated, but the accuracy of the data is still way of the mark as you can see from a snap shot of last nights exporting, further to this and unfortunately for the views on the forum who won't see the video, I can confirm, like many others the climate “fix” has worked to a degree in the way it stops the unit from faulting but unfortunately the climate timer will not activate when the unit is plugged in, instead you get a frozen windscreen but a heated seat and steering wheel !! a step forward ? perhaps, we could say we are half way there !!!

Unit stability has been reported back as better in some cases, so overall I would say the update is a positive one to build on. 



The innovation to empower Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) – additionally called Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) – is being tried and utilized with extraordinary achievement. It vows to assist support with greening vitality choices and upset the car and electric ventures.


The product has refreshed, however the exactness of the information is still method for the imprint as should be obvious from a preview of a nights ago sending out, further to this and shockingly for the perspectives on the discussion who won't see the video, I can affirm, in the same way as other others the atmosphere "fix" has attempted to a degree in the manner in which it prevents the unit from blaming yet tragically the atmosphere clock won't actuate when the unit is connected, rather you get a solidified windscreen yet a warmed seat and directing wheel !! a stage forward ? maybe, we could state we are most of the way there !!! 

Unit soundness has been accounted for back as better at times, so generally speaking I would state the update is a positive one to expand on.

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I can confirm that the team are currently investigating the issues with the data displayed within the Kaluza app and we are hoping to have this resolved within the next 48 hours. Once this is sorted, you should then see the correct data moving forward with previous data correctly restored. 

With regards to the pre-conditioning issue you’ve mentioned, this is something Indra are aware of and are currently looking into.  In the meantime, it has been noted that amending the timer priority to climate control has helped. 

To amend this, please complete the following steps:

Press Zero Emissions button (just below seek track)

Press ‘Climate Ctrl. Timer’ on screen

Press ‘Timer Priority’ on screen

Select ‘Clim. Ctrl. Timer’ followed by ‘OK’.