V2G Menu Issue - announcement

  • 19 December 2019
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V2G Menu Issue - announcement
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We would like to make you aware that on Tuesday 17th at approximately 17:00, we released an update to the V2G customer Web app which resulted in you being given access to some features which are currently only available to our smart charger customers.


What was the purpose of the update?


The purpose of the update was to improve the Dashboard experience, particularly the way we show what’s happening with your charger right now.


What was the issue?


You may have seen items from our smart charger app, which gave direct access to some features which are currently not available.


We are constantly improving the V2G app and some of these features will be made available to you in the future. 


How will you fix this?


We applied a small update to remove access to these menu items. If you already added details about your solar panels or your energy tariff, these will be deleted from our database.


We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for setting any false expectations and the poor experience this has resulted in.


We value your feedback and if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.


Yours sincerely,

Kaluza Customer Support

10 replies

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Thanks for letting us know.  My V2G unit has stopped exporting since and will only charge the car.  The battery is just sitting at 100%.  I used the car earlier and I noticed that the “Electric vehicle system warning light” had come on.  Something is not right.  I emailed Kaluza support yesterday and I am hoping to hear back soon.  Anyone else having issues?

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I’ve got exactly the same problem. Charges the car to 100% but doesn’t export. I’ve stopped leaving my car connected now.

It’s a real shame because as my car (and many more) will be sitting idle over the Christmas holidays without helping with the grid. :( 


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Hi @pixelpefekt.  I got the charger working again (exporting) on Saturday by switching it off and on again with the car connected; I pushed the off button on the charger and then operated the mains isolator and waited about 30 seconds before powering it up again)  Previously, I had tried switching it off and on again, but with the car disconnected.  I am not sure this was not just luck after an over the air software update, but it might be worth a go.


I reported the problem on Wednesday last week and only heard from the support team at Kaluza today, which is a little slow for my liking.  Have you reported the issue to Kaluza?  Still grateful to be on the trial though.  Looking forward to the max charge feature.


Good luck with getting the issue resolved.  I too was very much looking forward to the Leaf powering Christmas.  Hopefully this can still happen for you.




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Yes, mine too is sitting at 100% charge with nothing exporting.  Looks like the app change has somehow turned my V2G unit into a Smart charger.  It charges the car overnight back up to 100%, but doesn’t export anything.

A few reports of the same issue on the Facebook group too.  

Hopefully will get a response of what the issue is soon?


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Hi @piersjk @Ian Giddings @pixelpefekt 


I’ve been advised that this export issue has only effected a very small number of chargers, with all of those trialists who reported this issue having a fix put in place.


So if you’ve been effected and this issue is still ongoing, please reach out to Kaluza when you can:


Thanks for sharing here and making us aware - leave a comment to let us know when it’s sorted! 

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Hi @Tim_OVO ,

Thanks for your reply, I've contacted Kaluza but had no fix put in place and it's still not exporting.  

I did get this message from them…

"Our smart platform ensures each account operates within certain constraints to maximise the value of energy exported to the grid while ensuring your battery warranty remains valid.

This means you may experience a few days with no export, however, this will resume automatically as the limits are reviewed weekly."

I have imported about 300kwh and exported 200kwh in December, so not a big usage month.

Hopefully the counters will reset on 1 January and the unit will be operational again.  I'll let you know.


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@Tim_OVO- I think the level of feedback from the V2G Trial sites is not well reflected within feedback flowing in the opposite direction.

The technically-aware people on this Trial are constrained in what they can report because they are getting no information which indicates whether they are seeing a fault or not.

If this was a trial for Home Storage Batteries, it would be annoying, merely because the customers would be losing income from exporting back to the Grid. However, this Trial involves vehicles which they also use for essential transportation!


Can I suggest a solution…?

What about adding another page to the App which provides basic background information for the charger on each site. This will only be useful to those who have an interest in the technology, but it would clarify what is intentional and what is a fault.

The Tech-page would include:

  • Charger Firmware version number and date/time it was implemented
  • A log of the last 10 commands sent to their Charger by the Kaluza platform with date/time stamps
  • A log of the last 10 changes which the Kaluza platform believes have been made by the customer (car plugged/unplugged, preferences changed on the App etc)

This would enable the customer to note discrepancies between their own observations and what Kaluza thinks should be happening.

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Some good feedback here, Transparent!


I have a meeting with some members of the V2G support team this afternoon, so we can make sure we’re using this online space as best we can and getting information to and from trialists - I’ll be sure to pass this on. 




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Hi @Tim_OVO 

Just to let you know that my exports started working again on Monday 6th of January.  Other people on the FB group have also mentioned that their exports started working again on this date (after three weeks of zero exports).  We’re not exactly too sure of why they stopped working for so long, as communication from Kaluza has been limited, but glad we’re helping the grid once again.


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Thanks for the update @piersjk .

So that doesn’t sound like a planned outage, does it?

If the lack of export were due either to National Grid demands or for reasons of limiting the number of charge/discharge cycles on your batteries, then you wouldn’t expect multiple Triallists to all find themselves having export reinstated on the same day.

I really glad this is happening now… before OVO actually issue a Time Of Use tariff.