V2G Climate timer questions

  • 3 October 2019
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still no change,  a resolution next year I think it will be sorted, some have simply put the unit into boost mode before activating the climate control, I simply unplug the car when I go out to walk the dogs, I guess each of us have a work around, but if the climate timer is activated when the unit it idle or exporting it will fault the unit and it will need a rest. 
a software update has just been released or is in test release BETA to some units ? , I have had the update,  this makes the unit more stable in general and some other fixes. Ver8 due in Q1 2020 that’s will show more for the user in dynamic export 


Had replacement charger fitted today. Lasted 30 seconds then went off, turned it back on and it went red and the fans came on. App says restore internet connection. 

1st charger fitted, broke the next day

3 months later had replacement charger fitted, 30 seconds after installer left it broke. 

app not working and no one answering phone at Kaluza on a Saturday. 

That’s it now for me, not even going to bother emailing or ringing anyone after this message. 

anyone thinking of getting one of these, you’ve been warned. 

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a software update has just been released or is in test release BETA to some units ? 


Thanks for the updates everyone!


Kaluza have advised about a fix for the climate control timer issue in firmware 7.1.0 - in testing now!


@Karlkb15 really poor experience you’ve had here - can anyone here offer advice on the app issue? The Kaluza team would be really keen to help!

How do we check what firmware we’re on?

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Hi @MaximumFish 

You will always be on the latest version of firmware possible. With each iteration the team look to improve the performance and data for the trial with the aim of improving customer experience and as soon as we are able to upgrade you we will :)