The V2G app has changed! but do we like it?

  • 18 December 2019
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Which charger are you thinking of @Andras ?

Kaluza have released two, both developed by Indra:

The V2G charger operates only with the Nissan Leaf in its current form. It uses the Kaluza platform to dictate charge times, and when it is available to send electricity back to the National Grid

The Smart Charger can’t return power to the Grid but still uses the Kaluza Platform to optimise the charge-times to periods when there is available capacity, costs are lower and there’s more renewable energy in the mix.

See here for more details of the V2G Charger and Smart Charger

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Thank you @Transparent ,  I thought there was an application developed, but I realised that it is also a web based one and not a downloadable application. I was a bit confused there.:relaxed: