Joining the V2G trial - should I keep my existing 7kw charger?

  • 17 October 2019
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I’ve just signed up for the trial.

I already have a charger at home and wondered if anyone has a recommendation whether I should have it replaced with the V2G  charger, or keep it as a back up. I don’t really want to have extra cabling and expense if it can be avoided. I had assumed that I would swap the existing charger for a new one but have started to have doubts! Do you find the V2G chargers reliable? 

7 replies

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@Redcroft ,

Welcome to the growing club….


My charger is in the garage and I have retained the type 1 charger I got with my 30 kW LEAF, my type 2 charger which I got with my 40 kW LEAF and the new V2G charger. I have a double garage and should I get a visitor or even a second car which uses the type 1 or 2 I can charge 2 cars at the same time.


Let me explain. The type 1 runs off the garage fuse box, connected to the house by underground cable. The V2G and type 2 run off a separate cable run back to the house running off a separate fuse box different from the house system. They have a cross switch which allows me to use one or the other. The Network Provider upped my main fuse from 80 Amp to 100 Amp. This meant that I can run 2 chargers at the same time. All this work was arranged and done by OVO Energy.


It was only when I had them fitted I realised that V2G, CHAdeMO as well as type 2 will both work with the LEAF so I’ve got them wired up the wrong way and need to change it.


The ideal set up is to run the V2G as it is presently but have both other chargers running off the garage fusebox, not just one. They can then be switched to run whichever charger you need for the second car, type 1 or 2.


I hope this helps…



Thanks Leo. 
Sounds like a great set up you have there. 

I don’t have room to charge two cars. More interested in whether the V2G charger is generally reliable I suppose.

It’s my preference to have only one charger due to the lack of space but  I don’t want to regret swapping out my existing charger if it’s more likely than not that I’d need to have used it as a backup. 


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In that case the best thing to do is keep both chargers and have a switch between them so that you can only use one at a time. That way there’s no need for any extra Ampage or wiring as in my case. Best of both worlds.If you’re V2G charger develops a problem you still have a back up plus if you buy a Zoey, Jaguar or any other car which doesn’t have CHAdeMO you’re not left without a charger.



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Should you keep your existing charger? The short answer is Yes.  The slightly longer answer is that you will likely have to modify the existing installation to include a switch which is not an expensive addition.


Definitely keep your existing charger. I am now on V2G charger #3 and it still does not work correctly. A previous one broke down on a bank holiday weekend and Kaluza support do not work weekends so without my original charger I would not have been able to charge my car. Even after the weekend it took 2 weeks before they could get an engineer out including 1 missed appointment.

Thanks. I’ll be keeping my charger then!


djriot. I hope You can get a properly wor charger soon. 

Keep the old charger,  if the v2g crashes in the night & you have no charge in the morning.