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Import/Export - OVO V2G Latest

  • 21 November 2019
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Import/Export - OVO V2G Latest
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After the positive response to the September figures, (view previous OVO vehicle to grid post here) we’re sure you’ll love to see the October statistics - particularly those who guessed a total export figure - the closest guess will be revealed later in this article!

Once again, we’re keen to give some clarity and provide information on our V2G trial, and only units which were installed for the whole of October have been included in these statistics.

Another 35 trialists joined in October and, if you’re one of them and reading this now, welcome and thank you for helping us develop and understand energy solutions of the future! Installs have continued through November, with more than 120 V2G units now exporting daily


Note: When looking at the following figures, it’s worth remembering that totals include solar exports, as we’re paying 26p/kWh for solar exports in addition to the V2G exports.


The figures make for interesting reading. As the nights draw in, the effectiveness of solar panels during the evening begins to drop, and the demands from your own home begins to increase as lights are turned on. 



As a collective, our trialists exported 13,327kWh of energy - enough to power the average UK home for three years!*


The highest individual export from one of trialists was 547.63kWh, and this resulted in an export credit of £184.59!

The maximum solar trialist export was 544.34kWh. The total export credit was an amazing £159.02!


The maximum non-solar trialist export was 547.63kWh, and this resulted in an export credit of £184.59!



For balance, the average export payment for our solar trialists was £73.01, and £68.71 for non-solar trialists. That’s £876.12 and £824.52 a year respectively!


The averages again demonstrated that, even with daylight hours reducing, the benefits of solar pay off when exporting: Our solar average was 249.92Wh, and the non-solar average export was 203.84kWh.


And the winner is...

With an answer of 12842kWh, Louise Watson  ( @LoobyLou1 ) submitted the closest prediction in our “Guess the Export” competition, and Louise will be the recipient of a £50 voucher! You’ll have another chance to get a £50 voucher with the latest round - we’re continuing “Guess the Export” and your guess may give you an early Christmas present!


With more trialists on board and exporting, November is going to produce ever more exported energy - why not submit a guess as to how many kWh our trialists will export in November?


If you have a LEAF and would like to speak to the team, find out more about the trial or get an insight into the potential benefits that V2G could give to you, visit , email or call 0330 102 7423.


Chris B

OVO Energy



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Hi Chris, how about a CO2 saving stat too? would be good to know how much of a  difference trial is making in terms of CO2 savings.  I know the main goal is to save OVO some cash (I can see from the import/export profiles) but would be nice to see the CO2 side benefit. Granted the value would have to make some assumptions but should be able to get a good idea.

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Hello @jp1


Thank you for this suggestion, whilst this isn’t a feautre we are currently working on (for the V2G/SMART+ app) we welcome all feedback and I will ensure this is fed this back to our development team to look into/consider. 


If you have any further feedback or features you’d like to see added, please feel free to drop us a message on :slight_smile: