Have you seen the latest on V2G from OVO?

  • 4 November 2019
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Have you seen the latest on V2G from OVO?
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We’ve been exploring the potential of Vehicle-to-Grid for over 18 months, testing new technology that uses energy stored in an electric vehicle to support the national grid. The trial we’re now running would be nothing without it’s trialists. We’re loving how they have been embracing the technology - from the spreadsheets of data and user suggestions through to the communities on social media, and deserve a big thank you for their enthusiasm and feedback!

As an EV owner, or maybe even a V2G trialist, we thought that you may like to understand a little more about exactly what’s happening behind and beyond the V2G unit. One way of giving something back is to provide information about the September V2G statistics, of which only those units which were installed for the whole of September have been included:

18 additional trialists joined in September and, if you’re one of them and reading this now, welcome and thank you for helping us develop and understand energy solutions of the future! Installs have ramped up in October, with more than 100 V2G units now exporting daily.

Note: When looking at the following figures, it’s worth remembering that totals include solar exports, as we’re paying 26p/kWh for solar exports in addition to the V2G exports.


As a collective, our trialists exported 9,685kWh of energy - this is enough to power the average UK home for over two and a half years!*

The highest individual export from one of trialists, who happens to have solar, was 801kWh. This earned them a whopping export credit of £234.21!

The maximum non-solar trialist export was 565kWh, and this resulted in an export credit of £190.39 - pretty impressive for a single month!


For balance, the average export payment for our solar trialists was £111.84, and £59.53 for non-solar trialists. That’s £1342.08 and £714.36 a year respectively!

The averages again demonstrated the benefits of having solar when exporting, as our solar average was 383kWh, and the non-solar average export was 177kWh.

Moving forwards - your chance to win!

With more trialists on board and exporting, October is going to produce ever more exported energy - why not submit a guess as to how many kWh our trialists will export in October? The closest guess will receive a £50 Amazon voucher, and the winner will be revealed in our next statistics update on November 22nd. Competition entries close on November 15th.

You can submit your prediction here.

If you have a LEAF and would like to speak to the team, find out more about the trial or get an insight into the potential benefits that V2G could give to you, visit, email or call 0330 102 7423.

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Thanks for that information and very interesting to learn how much the solar contributions are. However I suspect that those credit figures may be a bit misleading to those not familiar with the scheme in that the money paid is a total, ie 30p per kW exported and does not include the cost of purchase of the unit initially, about 15p per kW….so the amount paid for a none solar kW, after each kW has been initially imported is about half the figures you’ve stated…..however it would be really, really nice if my maths are wrong…



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Hey@Leo Moran thanks for your comments as always!!  I’ll hand this one to@Chris_OVO who provided this information, so hopefully he can provide some clarity!! 



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@Leo Moran check out the latest figures here  :red_car::blue_car::truck: