Check out my V2G (Vehicle to grid) installation with OVO Energy!

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I’m very interested in this thread as I am about to have survey carried out at my home with view to joining the trial.  I notice from this thread and youtube that a lot goes into the installation.   I’m just hoping that the fact that my car is parked at back of house and smallish garden when meter is at front of house causes any problems. 

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Hi @SimonChurchill thanks for joining the discussion.

Yes, you’ll see a lot of different issues being tackled when you read about the V2G installations. However, it’s worth remembering that that not all of the “fixes” are required at each location. We tend to hear only about those installations where there was something that needed resolving.

The location of your Smart Meter has no bearing on where your charger is to be positioned. The electrical connection runs from your Consumer Unit. Is this adjacent to the meter?

A 7kW charger is protected by a 32A trip. The IET Wiring Regulations specify that this can use a 2.5mm² cable, which is the same size as used for a domestic power ring. This is relatively easy to run.

The Installers will make appropriate choices as to the exact cable when they consider the route to be taken. If required, an external or armoured (SWA) cable can be used. You can safely leave the technicalities to them.

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I’m just getting the advice from Transparent double checked, @SimonChurchill 


In the meantime, everyone, check out @D10hul February V2G blog post here