Why is the Government so hell bent that every one should have a smart meter?

  • 26 March 2019
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Why is the GOVERNMENT so hell bent that every one should have a smart meter?

4 replies

So they can spy on you! It is also weapons based tech. It's a 5G modem, it sends information on everything you use, that information can be sold to third parties without your knowledge. It constantly emitts short wave microwaves and elctro magnetic frequencies which are devastatingly harmful to all biological forms of life, insects, plants, trees, animals and humans. In short we are under attack from globalist elites who want to squeeze as much money out of us before we die of the side effects from this diabolical technology. Side effects of 5G include, deterioration and breakdown of biological cellular stucture meaning your cells will literally disintegrate over time. Disintegration of eggs in the uterus rendering women infertile. Disintergration of sperm rendering men infertile. It is cancer forming, the WHO have classified the 5G modems they are installing on street lights (the little black boxes on the top of the lights) as a grade B 2 carcinogen. Headaches, aching muscles, tinnitus. The list goes on and on. They have bypassed all safety testing for this technology because they know it would never pass the health and safety tests causing public outrage. Research this on YouTube before all this information is gone due to EU censoreship of the internet which has just been passed by MEP's. We are under attack. Your main defence is knowledge. Don't get a smart meter, don't get a 5G phone or anything to do with 5G unless you want a slow horrible death. Good luck!
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Hi @Ether and @oldtimer,

Smart meters aren't harmful to your health, nor are they used to gather information about you/your household. You can find plenty of information concerning the safety of smart meters here.

Well, you're bound to say that aren't you.
You work for a large energy company!
Smart meters are extremely harmful to anything living that is biological.
They are a 5G modem that gives off powerful bursts of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies). This radiation disrupts biocellular integrity and function.
That means it degrades every cell in your body.
If you are pregnant it wil harm your foetus.
This is about "The Internet Of Things", in the near future fridges, cookers, cars, anything that can have a 5G modem fitted to it will be communicating with the smart meter keeping a log of what you used and how long for. Anyone with sophisticated tech will be able to see or upload this data, For instance GCHQ will be able to harvest this data and keep it on advanced servers and access whatever they want whenever they want, a kind of live library of personel data.. The government will know every detail about what your habits are at home.
It's a spying device as well as a weapons based piece of tech.
It will make people ill in many ways, cancer being the odds on favourite.
In America they have caused a lot of house fires due to overheating.
You obviously haven't researched this other than quote corporate and government propaganda. The link you provided is just that.
You are a biological entity, it's in your best interests and that of your family and friends to look into and reveal the truth about 5G technology, surely if you have children you should be concerned about this issue, unless you're just a "bot" and I suppose there is a good chance you are.
People have a right to know if they are going to be fried, if there house is going to become one big microwave!
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Hi @Ether,

Our smart meters don't use 5G, they use 2G signal. Sending us one reading uses less signal than your mobile phone sending one text message in this way.

Further government information on Smart meters can be found here.