Why is my SMETS2 gas meter not sending readings?

  • 22 February 2019
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I've recently had a new smart meters installed. The electric one is working fine, but the Gas meter has failed to send a single smart reading. So far i've had to submit manual readings.

Does anyone know how to re-sync the two meters so Gas readings are automatic sent to ovo?

I've got some of the 2nd generation meters.

I am talking to Ovo about the issue but they are being very slow, and whenever i do get a response they keep referring me back to fixes for the older style smart meters.


Best answer by Nancy_OVO 26 February 2019, 13:29

Hi @TomOTron5000,

How long ago did you have the meters fitted? If it was under 6 weeks ago, we may still be in the process of updating the meter details on your account, which might make it look as though we're not receiving readings.

Until the new meter is essentially "plugged in" to your account, your online account/billing won't be aware we're receiving readings. We normally advise a time frame of up to 6 weeks for this to be completed, but if it's been over this time frame I'd recommend getting in touch with the team on Facebook:

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94 replies

Thanks @BenS_OVO 

Fingers crossed.

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Hey @neilje12 


As the meter went in last week there is a period of time when out systems need to be updated with the new details - Usually takes around 5 working days. 

You’re new meter is communicating with us so fingers crossed there will be no further issues.




@BenS_OVO @Tim_OVO @Amy_OVO 


I now have a new electricity meter (7 Nov) which is communicating with my IHD but still not sending readings to OVO (not that I can see anyway). Can one of you have a look at this for me please?



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I’m really sorry to hear about the delayed reply, @neilje12, please reach out to our team on Facebook, Twitter or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063. They’ll be able to look into this today. 


@Tim_OVO @BenS_OVO  

Is anyone at OVO listening?? Please see my post above.

Where is the reply to my email - it is now several days late. So much for 48 hours turnaround.

Getting really annoyed now.


@Tim_OVO Sent the email 4 days ago on 16th. Got this automated reply

Thanks for your email – we have people answering emails 7 days a week to ensure you get a speedy response to your query.We will get in touch with you within 48 hours and to ensure we can resolve your query as soon as possible, we may call you to discuss the email further. The number will display as withheld.

Well it's now 4 days later and STILL no reply. What is going on?

Sending email now.


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Such a faff, @neilje12 - sorry to hear this!


It does sound like a communication issue now, rather then the meters not being commissioned. Brace yourself for a load of checks to diagnose this and other issues. If you’ve got a ‘SMETS2’ meter:


  • Is the WAN light flashing every 5 seconds, 3 seconds or 1 second?
  • Is the HAN light flashing every 5 seconds, 3 seconds or 1 second?
  • Is the HAN Wifi symbol missing on either meter or the IHD?
  • Are any of the lights on the comms hub flashing every second?
  • Is the meter clocking usage?
  • Where is your electricity meter situated? E.g. inside, outside, in a metal box, near thick walls, the basement or anywhere that could be blocking signal.
  • Where is your gas meter situated? E.g, outside in a brown box in the ground, inside under the stairs
  • Are you in a good/medium or bad mobile signal in your area and next to the meter?


Send over these results via an email and we’ll work out what we can do to help:


I was originally booked to have my smart meters installed On 10 June but when the guy came out it was raining heavily so he couldn't do it, which was fair enough. It was rebooked for 17 June and went ahead as planned - only problem was it couldn't be commissioned on that day as he couldn't connect to OVO servers (or something like that). Eventually got a commissioning date of 5 Aug and I booked an engineer to call. 5 Aug came and went and no engineer. Called OVO and it turns out that it hadn't been booked in properly by the person doing it and the engineer request hadn't been sent to the commissioning company. Very annoying. Called OVO and told there were no appointments and I should call at the end of August. Seriously? Called and got a date for 26 Sep. Guy came out and commissioned the meter. Gas and electric readings were sent to OVO for a few days and then it dropped down to just gas readings. I can also not use the IHD for electric which is very annoying as I like the "Now" function. That brings my story up to date, trying to get these meters to do what they're supposed to do - something they did briefly. Oh, forgot to say that although the gas us sending daily readings and is showing half hourly on my account, for previous days usage the IHD displays usage in £s as the same figure as kWh so is useless for previous days. I'm hoping that @BenS_OVO can help.
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Wow, @neilje12 - you are highly favoured to receive a response from a member of OVO's technical teams at 8pm. 😉

I don't think @BenS_OVO will be making a habit of this... unless his "work" involves sitting in a Bristol bar all evenings, using his laptop to write to us on the Forum!

If you've only just had a SMETS2 meter installed, then all sorts of things will go on over the ensuing days whilst off-site commissioning occurs.

No you can't issue an "Initialise" command yourself. That would breach the SMETS security system.

But I'm not convinced that the system does need re-initialising. There will be software updates and data uploads made over the next couple of weeks, any of which will invoke a number of different levels of "restart" command.

You'll know that the commissioning sequences have concluded because you'll be able to read your daily usage stats on your My OVO page.
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Hey @neilje12

I'm really sorry you're having a bit of a time of it with your elec readings.

Let me have a look once I'm back at the office tomorrow and I'll see what the issue is. At the very least we can add some up to date reads to your billing account.

I'll PM you shortly for your details.

Is there a fix which the customer can initiate without the stupid "wait 3 months" scenario? I am more than happy to do it myself. As someone else on here mentioned, I updated my meter readings over Facebook but these were not reflected in my account. I'm really fed up with this all now.
Thanks @Transparent for your in depth reply, you seem to really know your stuff and honestly I’m appreciative of your responses.

I have one question I’m sure you can help me with. I read somewhere else on this forum that the smart gas meter communicates to the electricity meter, then the electricity meter sends the information out to both my IHD and off to OVO eventually. If this is the case then why to this day can I see my current gas usage on both my IHD and on my OVO app but I cannot see any of my readings for my electricity for the past few weeks? My IHD won’t even give me an option to view electricity anymore it’s just stuck on gas. Surely if the meters are set up to function in this way then my information is being sent out but only for the gas so I would assume my electricity meter does in fact have communication. It’s clocking the usage correctly on the meter display. Is there anything I can do myself with my meter buttons? Is there any kind of re-connect button sequence I can press? 😄

Like I said I can can see my usage on the electricity meter itself but now I have smart meters I have NO option on the app or online so submit my readings anymore, and OVO are not receiving my readings from the meter automatically so how do I tell OVO my usage so I’m billed correctly?

there must be something I can do to fix this 😄🙈

The identical issue I am facing.
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Hey @neilje12 thanks for posting your question. I've moved it here and I think the details on this thread might help.

If not comment below and we can help further.
As the title suggests, my new electric smart meter, an Aclara SGM1414-B does not report my electricity readings to either OVO or my IHD. It worked for exactly 4 days. Gas seems fine (although the daily usage figures are totally wrong and seem to be mirrored from my KwH usage).

So the electric meter is able to transmit my gas readings and must therefore be working ok in that respect. I would therefore suggest that this meter is defective in terms of producing readings. It's a common issue as I found out by Googling it.

OVO want me to wait 90 days "just in case" it somehow rectifies itself which I think we all know it won't.

My question is, is there a way I can reset it myself using the buttons on the front. I can't wait 3 months for this probably simple issue to be resolved by OVO who move at a pace which someone else described as "glacial".
@BenS_OVO Any update on my gas meter?

Im still not receiving any smart meter results for the gas.
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Erm @PennyLane - I posted a message here where you can see the different flash rates which @Tim_OVO is referring to.

And for his final point, the mobile phone signal you're interested in is the one for the O2 network. You could have a brilliant signal for Vodafone, but still have problems with your Smart Meter.
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Thanks @PennyLane

It may be a communication issue that's preventing your meter readings being sent to your MyOVO page. If we don't have readings, we can't advise on high usage, so that needs sorting first! Please answer the following questions in an email to

1) What are the meter serial numbers?

3) Is the WAN light flashing every 5 seconds, 3 seconds or 1 second?

4) Is the HAN light flashing every 5 seconds, 3 seconds or 1 second?

5) Is the HAN Wifi symbol missing on either meter or the IHD?

6) Are any of the lights on the comms hub flashing every second?

7) Is the meter clocking usage?

😎 Where is your electricity meter situated? E.g. inside, outside, in a metal box, near thick walls, the basement or anywhere that could be blocking signal.

9) Where is your gas meter situated? E.g, outside in a brown box in the ground, inside under the stairs

10) Are you in a good/medium or bad mobile signal in your area and next to the meter?

Has anyone got any updates on this or had any successful repairs? No results my end yet but I’m hopeful a meter replacement will fix my fault now
Thanks for the 2 responses and apologies for the tardy acknowledgement.
This problem has not been solved despite it being labelled as so.
To update, I phoned customer services and it was explained that it can take up to 6 weeks for all the information to update.
So here we are 2 months later and the situation is worse not better.
On my account my usage was updated half hourly, but there's been nothing since 12th July and a message saying no data available, check later!
My last 2 bills have been estimated.
Prior to moving house I was with NPower and didn't have any issues with the smart meter or IHD. I really don't get why OVO are having these issues if other companies aren't.

Thanks @BenS_OVO 😊👍🏻
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@bperry306 I'll have a look at this today
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Hi @bperry306 - I wouldn't yet conclude that the email was a mistake.

Just because the SMETS2 Team say that they are now receiving your meter readings doesn't imply that the feed has yet been passed to either the Billing Dept, nor the team who reconfigure your My OVO page.

I'm more puzzled that your IHD isn't displaying any readings. I don't see how your Comms Hub firmware could've been updated to send readings to OVO on the Wide Area Network (WAN), and yet removed that same capability from the Home Area Network (HAN).

Perhaps @BenS_OVO can suggest why on Monday.
I have a strange update! I received this email yesterday from OVO. I got home from work to find still my IHD was not showing any kind of electricity usage or data and also on MyOVO the readings had not been received since back in July. I thought maybe I should leave it overnight (no idea why this would make any difference but hey) and this morning it is still the same. Do you think I received this email by accident? 😄

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Nice zooming!
What our guys and gals are testing with the fancy windmill type things are just that what we are seeing on the usage screen is replicated on our systems (S2 UI and our Billing system).

They aren't necessarily worried about the accuracy of the consumption that goes through the meter. As an example when we get challenges from customers saying their consumption is wrong and not being replicated in their usage, we send the meter off to the manufacturer for consumption test. This is something we do not do in house.

So long story short: They are just there to load the meter and see if that load appears on their test systems.