Why are my new S2 smart meter readings way too high?!

So I had a smart meter installed on Wednesday. Now it’s Saturday and it’s jumped from £0 to over £90!!!

There is no way this can be right as that’s almost my direct debit amount and I’ve never had issues with dramatic under payments.

Energy consumption over the last 3 days hasn’t been higher than normal, if anything it’s been lower!

The gas reading seems accurate but the electric usage is way too high!

Any suggestions as to what may be causing this?


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Hi @natmorrison1989 This is quite normal.

If it’s a second generation smart meter, have a read through the explanation I've written here on another topic about the installation process.

Updated 30/4/2020

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Hi @natmorrison1989 This is quite normal.

If it’s a second generation smart meter, have a read through the explanation I've written here on another topic about the installation process.

Updated 30/4/2020

I only had mine installed at 2pm today and its already showing usage of £8 ! We typically only used £3.80-£5 a day with old suppliers
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Hi @Thelma. Don't worry. The cost in pounds isn't correct.

OVO have told us that there is a software bug in the IHD units. Have a look at what I wrote here earlier today.

Your bills are generated solely from usage data supplied to OVO from the meters themselves. That will still be accurate.
I had my electric smart meter installed on 2/2/19 and the smart reading showed at 0000086.
Having discovered today (27/4/19) that in fact neither the electric or gas smart meter had been sending readings, I looked to do a manual reading to submit and the electric is showing as 0007970 kwh. I've submitted this reading, but don't think I should have as it can't be correct and I'm scared of receiving a huge bill.
This would suggest a usage of over 2000 kwh each month (or do I have my maths completely wrong?!...I hope I have). How can that be possible, when previous electric usage with the last company was between 250-350 kwh each month?
Are you sure you are reading the meter correctly is the last number not after the decimal point i.e.

Then your start reading would be 000008.6 and your reading today would be 0000797.0. This would mean you have used around 800 kW since 02/02/19 which would be around 250-300 kW per month which is the same as before.

If the readings you gave are wrong you would need to contact OVO to correct them- you dont want to receive a huge bill!
Yes I think I have read it correctly. I've attached a photo, which although blurry, you can see the reading.

I think you need to contact OVO and discuss with them directly. Its highly unlikely that you have used 10x more electricity than before the meter was changed. I think either the meter is reading incorrectly or is not actually displaying kWh even if it says it is.

I think you need to ask OVO confirm what information they have and whether they can diagnose it remotely of whether they need to inspect / test the meter to ensure that you do not receive a very large bill.
See also this link to which?
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Hey @Energycat,

I've moved your post to this topic as I feel the above will give you some answers.

Please contact our team on: 0330 303 5063 Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, for further assistance.

We've had the smart meter installed for over 6 weeks. I've had my bill which is fine, but the meter itself still shows huge usage and costs. What's the point in having it if I can't accurately track my usage. I can see from previous answers Ovo are looking for a fix, but this was over a month ago. Is a phone call now needed?
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@Franster I'm assuming you mean that the IHD is showing huge usage and costs. The meter itself has no costs displayed.

I think we can fairly certain that OVO are busy looking for a fix... as, presumably, are the other Energy Suppliers who have recently installed the Chameleon IHDs.

However, we don't yet know if the bug affects all Chameleons, or whether OVO are expecting customers to contact them if theirs is one that manifests the fault. So I suggest you email and alert Customer Services that yours is a site with this problem.

It does seem odd to me that we haven't received emails alerting us to the fault.