Smart meter not communicating - how long will I be waiting for a fix?

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Hi @IaninYork and welcome to the Forum! :relaxed:

Using my extensive powers of perception, I am deducing that it’s possible you live in the City of York. I’m also going to assume that your Smart Meters were fitted by the previous Energy Supplier before 16th March 2019. So if OVO was able to adopt them, the electricity meter is probably made by Secure.

If this is so, then you have SMETS1 meters which communicate with OVO across a proprietary wide area network, as opposed to the newer National Smart Meter Network.

At some stage during 2020 all SMETS1 meters will be migrated to the newer system and be upgraded to full SMETS2 functionality.

Whilst you follow @Nancy_OVO ‘s advice to make direct contact with OVO via Facebook  I suggest you also start taking manual readings and email those at the same time each month.

If you provide no manual readings, the Billing Computer will estimate your usage on the high side and request that you increase your Direct Debit.

Please ask here if you need any clarification. But since we’re fellow customers, like yourself, we obviously can’t answer specific questions about your account.