New smart meter problems - Can I return to a standard meter?

  • 6 March 2019
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I’ve recenrly had smart meters (v2) installed for gas and electricity. The electric meter appears to be sending data to Ovo but not the gas. The box showing usage inside the house only shows electricity but not gas and it’s showing usage at over £500 for less than a month which is clearly wrong.

i called OVO who told me there were problems with the information being supplied by the meters as they are version 2 and their system has not properly integrated them.

ive had a look at my online statement and there are no charges yet from Ovo and the usage display box has stopped working altogether. Do I need to be concerned about this? Can I return to a standard meter? I’ve emailed Ovo three times now and I’ve had no response at all except an auto reply email saying they are busy.

has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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No worries, @SimonS

I've just answered a similar problem here. Have a look.
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9 replies

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No worries, @SimonS

I've just answered a similar problem here. Have a look.
You can tell ovo to switch your smart meter to dumb mode which will turn your smart meter off then you send in your own readings.
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You can tell ovo to switch your smart meter to dumb mode

I'm not aware of a 'dumb' mode, @Ivor Appleyard. Sometimes smart meters can't connect to us, depending on the strength of mobile signal in the area. If this is the case we might say its "functioning as a dumb meter", but this isn't something we can turn on and off.
Other providers can put smart meters into dumb mode allowing you to send in your own readings.
All you have to do is ask your supplier to put it in to dumb mode then you go back to giving manual readings.
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You don't need to have any changes made to the meter. All Smart Meters allow manual readings in any case. That's what I've been doing for the past six months whilst OVO & I have been exploring errors and solutions.
What i am saying if you don't want your smart meter because of on going issues have it put in dumb mode no more smart meter then you go back to giving readings for good.
Six months is a long time to be having issues.
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Agreed @Ivor Appleyard 6 months is a long time to be having problems. It's especially frustrating as we have a really high success rate with installing Smart Meters that work and communicate as expected, for SMETS1 it's over 90% and climbing all the time. The SMETS2 meters are even newer, and although our success rate of installation and set up is over 80% (also climbing week on week), these edge cases that prove more tricky, and get all the bad press for obvious reasons, are the most difficult to resolve as with this technology there are a huge number of factors.

@SimonS have you managed to get your issues resolved? Be good to get an update on where we are with your situation.

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Well I don't think any of us are going to dispute that 6 months is too long to have SMETS2 meters which aren't fully functional.

However, from what I've experienced, I don't think any of the "issues" have been caused by OVO's systems or their Installers.

There are clearly deficiencies in the code running in the SMETS2 meters, and there have been further problems as DCC sorted out their processes whilst having to maintain security of the National Smart Meter Network.

Other Energy Suppliers have expended effort trying to spot patterns in their failures. Octopus have reported some success in this direction, but it takes considerable time and expertise.

I had expected that the fail rate for SMETS2 would be higher than that for SMETS1 meters. After all, SMETS1 communications were handled by third parties via a direct contract with the Energy Suppliers. It was a proprietary network. That's why it all failed when customers switched to a different Supplier.

I've had more experience of SMETS2 meters than most other customers, and I've visited OVO on more than one occasion to discuss issues. I'm still unconcerned that I don't yet have a fully operational SMETS2 installation, but I consider that OVO and I are "on the same side".

Together, we are working to identify problems and seek resolutions.