My views on Smart meters....

  • 14 November 2017
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If you want to save energy, turn it off

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If you want to save energy, turn it off.
You don’t have to be stupid to know that.
I always buy leading edge because I don’t support the belief that stoneage has always worked, why fix it.
In spite of thinking that smart meters are close to being a waste of time, I have one fitted. I wanted to know what the government was bleating about. If I have one I know, I don’t have to listen to the propaganda. Also, by law, what passes for responsible electric supply authority should have changed my meter 10 years earlier.

It was installed by one of NPower’s trainees about 3 years ago. Plan A was to instal one to each; Gas & Electric. Domestic of course.
He grunts and says ‘it won’t reach the Gas’. What he meant was that the electric meter was the primary ‘smart’ and needed to talk to the Gas meter that was too far away through too many walls.
While installing said replacement electric meter we talk.
I am interested in how this thing talks to big brother. I learn that it relies on mobile phone type signalling. I mention that using a mobile phone in this house is among the black arts. Hmm, he says.
He says that the next generation of smart meters will reach the gas meter.
I wish I had waited another 5 years.
He is ready to rock! He finds a network and a signal, and after a lot of setting up and checking; it all works.
It tells NP every few seconds or minutes (who cares) what’s been used. It’s not much different to me telling NP the meter readings every couple of weeks for the last 7 years.
The present MrsD doesn’t like it. The information display. Just another piece of junk to knock over when cleaning; and I think ‘another piece of electronics junk to gobble up my super expensive taxable electricity’.
It’s lying around on a garage shelf these days.
Before it got promoted to the garage I did try out the alleged idea that this single device can tell me how much my dishwasher or dryer or cooker or central heating fan or freezer or fridge is using (getting the point yet?) No chance. Perhaps if the present MrsD would put up with me turning every other appliance in the house Off for the 3 hour test? No chance.
If you want to save energy, turn it off.

And then of course I leave NP for OVO. OVO say they cannot read my super smart meter. They want me to replace my existing smart meter with their new one. They don’t mention if it’s 1st or 2nd generation, but I am wary now.

The idea that these meters are free is rubbish of course. They never were, and never will be. Why do you think utility standing charges are what they are?