My smart meter is making a funny noise - What should I do?

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@WattsEl @Cornish @Sharpie check out the 'best answer' to this topic.

Emily has outlined a few checks for you to do to get this diagnosed and sorted!

Feel free to upload a video onto Youtube and share the URL so we can all hear it!
Mine is making a high-pitched noise and clunking noise hthat sounds related to the meter turning. It’s definitely coming from the meter itself and not the regulator. See video here for sound. Is this normal?

I’ve had this smart meter for a few years and don’t recall it making this or any other noise before.
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Hi @Rob789 - this noise isn't out of the ordinary. It's the sound of gas moving through the regulator on your meter. It doesn't indicate an issue or emergency, so we'd advise to ignore 🙂