My smart gas meter isn't communicating with OVO anymore - no readings - why?

  • 21 November 2017
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There's a few comments here from customers experiencing the same issue, @AdReds!

You'll need to do a smart meter health check, the questions are below. Just pop your answers in an email to our Customer Care team to get this sorted -

1. Confirm your smart meter serial numbers - they are written directly above the barcode on each meter and should begin ‘G4P...’ for gas and ‘15P...’ for elec.

2. Look for a light labelled WAN on the front of your electricity meter - is it flashing/solid/off? If it's flashing, how many times does it flash?

3. Check the word HAN on your gas meter - is this flashing or solid?

4. Press 0 on your electricity meter - does it show the time and date or the word COMMISSION?

5. Press 0 on your gas meter - does it show the time and date or the word COMMISSION?

6. Press 9 (or 6 if you have a two-rate meter) on your electricity meter and provide your current read which appears after the word ‘IMP KWH’.

7. Press 9 on your Gas meter and provide your current read which appears after the word ‘VOLUME’.

8. Where is your electricity meter situated? E.g. inside, outside, in a metal box, near thick walls, the basement or anywhere that could be blocking signal.

9. Are you in a good/medium or bad mobile signal in your area and next to the meter?

10. Please let us know roughly how far your gas meter is from the electricity meter. Are there any thick walls that could be blocking signal?

@Transparent I have a form which was emailed to me today to reply with first to show the supposed ‘health’ of the smart meters, complete with photos. I’ve already informed OVO as to the status of the meters seemingly being OK i.e. they are on and working and showing the correct lights/details on their respective displays. But, seemingly that’s not enough for them. What I cannot fathom is why, after 10 months of satisfactory operation the gas meter would stop talking to the electricity meter. No clear answers, no individual diagnoses for any customers here...just comments from OVO that it ‘could be this, could be that’. Really disappointed.

I've received an email telling me that my smart meter isn't sending readings, and that I need to provide readings. But I haven't been told what the problem might be or if someone needs to come out to fix it. How do I get this information? How long befre this is fixed?
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Hi @Zaf - I've moved your post over here. The information in this thread might help with your query.

So, my gas meter isn’t communicating with the electricity meter and has been this way since 9.1.20


I submitted my smart meter health report last Friday (17.1.20) and not had a response, despite receiving an email from OVO saying they would contact me within 48 hours.

My next bill date is 25.1.20, but I have no way of manually inputting a gas meter reading as MyOVO says I don’t have to submit readings as I am on a smart meter...WHICH DOESN’T WORK!!!!!

How the hell am I supposed to submit a reading without calling and potentially losing my self-service rewards? Answers on a postcard please….

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Use a “virtual postcard” @MDL73 !

I was in precisely this situation for most of 2019. I wanted to ensure that there was sufficient information being provided to OVO to avoid the possibility of them producing inflated Estimated Readings.

I simply sent monthly emails to Customer Support stating the readings for both fuels. I also provided confirmation of the current status of the meters, such as “gas readings not being sent to my IHD or my OVO Account page online” so that there was an ongoing history which could be read by OVO technical staff.

I did receive telephone responses and sometimes emails from CS Staff on most occasions. And they confirmed that my monthly email trail was indeed being passed to engineers on the SMETS2 Team.

In the end, these emails provided enough detail to help track down what was going wrong, avoided inflated bills in the meantime, and also assisted in generating a bill-correction once the meter communication problem was resolved.