My smart gas meter isn't communicating with OVO anymore - no readings - why?

  • 21 November 2017
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Thanks for posting an update! Useful to know incase anyone else has the problem.
Spoke with OVO support on Friday 24th November and explained the problem.

They'd not seen this problem before but looked at my usage figures for Gas to find that it was now showing figures for November up to the 19th. They couldn't explain why the figures for 20th - 23rd were missing.

They suggested turning on ½ hour readings which I agreed to and over the weekend Gas figures started appearing again in the IHD and now when I look at my ‘usage’ figures at it now displays as expected.

I can only guess that this was some sort of software glitch, will continue to monitor over the next week or two.
yes the electric meter is flashing away in a cycle of 5 which I believe is correct and as previously mentioned figures are appearing at OVO so not a SIM connection problem

The electric meter lives in a box in the porch at the front of the house and the gas meter in another box on the side of the house maybe 10 metres away in a straight line but signal would have to go through 2 external walls and 2 internal walls.

If I take the IHD out by the gas meter it still shows a signal and I can view Electric history but nothing appears for gas on the IHD. When I press '9' on gas meter the display cycles through and DOES display HAN so maybe this is just an internal OVO billing problem?
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10/10 for effort going outside! It is miserable here!
My mistake, it is the WAN light which flashes on the Electricity meter.
On the Electricity and Gas meter you have to press any button and when you do there should be a solid "HAN" symbol on the LCD display. It may be flashing on one or both if there is a problem.
Is the electricity meter in a different location from the Gas. Some people have reported connection problems when they are a distance apart.
Finally do you have an IHD (In Home Display) is that reporting any info from the Gas Meter?
In the meantime you can send in manual readings by pressing the "9" button and making a note of the kWh value.

Another potentially helpful topic here.

**updated 18/02/2020**

Hi MW,

yes I understand Gas meter 'talks' to electric meter to send in figures and these are appearing correctly for electric but not gas.

Could be just coincidence but about a month ago I seem to remember ticking an option to send figures every hour so maybe the battery ran out?

Just had a quick look in the dark (it's outside in a box) and couldn't see any lights flashing.

Should there be?

Checking on my OVO account I see both new smart meters were installed in June 2015.
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Hi Simond,

The Electricity meter connects to a mobile phone network and sends the reading from both the Gas and Electricity meters.

Presumably the Electricity readings are still working?

Which lights are on all the time and which ones are flashing on the Gas meter?