My smart gas meter isn't communicating with OVO anymore - no readings - why?

  • 21 November 2017
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Spoke with OVO support on Friday 24th November and explained the problem.

They'd not seen this problem before but looked at my usage figures for Gas to find that it was now showing figures for November up to the 19th. They couldn't explain why the figures for 20th - 23rd were missing.

They suggested turning on ½ hour readings which I agreed to and over the weekend Gas figures started appearing again in the IHD and now when I look at my ‘usage’ figures at it now displays as expected.

I can only guess that this was some sort of software glitch, will continue to monitor over the next week or two.
try calling OVO support, they are very helpful..
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I am absolutely certain that you won't be losing your SSR over this issue. Even if it doesn't appear on your Statement, it will most certainly magically reappear if you send in an email headed "Complaint"!

There is no way that OVO would let such an issue progress to the Energy Ombudsman, because he'd throw the book at them! 😨
I have had smart meters fitted for about two months. My account shows automated readings from my electric meter but the gas seems to still want values entered manually. My display seems to indicate both meters are working and sending data back.
why does it appear on my account that my gas meter is not sending data
This has been happening to me for the past couple of months or so. I have contacted Customer Support on numerous occasions only to be told on Tuesday that It not possible to fix and if I want readings then do it manually. The reason I got a smart meter is because of all the hype and being offered one from OVO and it suited me as I am 75 years old and to get gas readings I have to lay on the floor because of the location of the smart meter. I have been sen a relay but that does not change anything the distance between the meters is about one metre. When the meter was installed the engineer had a lot of trouble getting the gas meter to work ever since it has been very intermittent. I have been on the Resolver website and their advice is to contact ofgem but I thought I would contact the Managing Director of OVO first. Mysteriously I then received an email informing me to join this Forum. It seems that Customer Service do not have an answer. Can anyone help please please
I recently had a smart meter fitted for gas and electric and for some reason my gas is being estimated. When I log on to my account a pop-up states "We're not receiving your readings." But when I look at my gas usage I can see it is being recoreded accurately each day. If my daily readings as being recorded then why am I getting a message to state otherwise and my usage is being estimated?

I also asked the same question via the email contact address but I've not had a response beyond the 48hr response period.
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Unfortunately, the terms and conditions mean that if I phone or email OVO I lose my online account discount. So, phoning OVO is not going to happen. If I don't get a call to arrange another appointment, I shall just provide meter readings until my 2 year fixed contract runs out then look for another supplier.
@ITGeek123 - Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can see from my message above, it ain't happening.

You won't lose your SSR if you call about this, @dasilvor. This is because you won't find the answer to your query on our forum, or in the OVO Help section.

Please get in touch with the team as soon as you can to resolve this!
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Hi Dave,

Honestly I would call OVO personally and ask when to arrange an engineer. Saves you having to wait and you can get an answer ASAP 🙂
I am so disappointed with the smart meter. I'm being asked to provide readings but I don't know how to convert the numbers. Do I miss off the fist digit provided and remove the decimal point. Why are there no instructions? Just telling me to press 9 on my smart meter does not help and why am I having to give readings anyway. I also didn't realize that we lose previous years readings from our website account with ovo so now I can't compare usage. Am I missing something or has the whole conversion been a complete and utter waste of time. Annoyed.
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Sorry to hear about the issues you've had with your gas smart meter @Dodos

If you've gone through all the checks with our Customer Service team and had 2 relays fitted, the likelihood is that we won't be able to communicate with your gas smart meter and get regular readings. If you struggle to read your gas meter, then we can add you onto our Priority Services Register so an engineer can take regular meter readings for you. You can sign up here:

If there's anything else you want us to look into, you can always message our Facebook team:
When will you be contacting me to arrange another visit to sort out my smart meters, please? When the Engineer came on the 19 Nov 2018, he said another visit would be required and you would contact me. At present the IHS is not displaying anything and gas meter is not sending any data.

@Nancy. They did exchange my gas meter at the visit, but the engineer could not set it up until it had been tested by somebody at the office? I was told that I would be contacted to make another appointment so that it could be set up, and possibly change the IHD.
Unfortunately, the terms and conditions mean that if I phone or email OVO I lose my online account discount. So, phoning OVO is not going to happen. If I don't get a call to arrange another appointment, I shall just provide meter readings until my 2 year fixed contract runs out then look for another supplier.
@ITGeek123 - Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can see from my message above, it ain't happening.
When I phoned to report the issue that my gas meter wasn't sending to you, I was told by the gentleman who I spoke to, that because I had phoned I had lost my SSR.
When I mentioned the, as I called it, cheap trick to stop people phoning or emailing, he got quite patronising. Sorry I did not not his name.
I've just given my gas meter reading, so I will see if I have lost my discount when I get my statement, next week. If I have, I will do as you have suggested. As for the phone call to OVO, they have phoned me and made an appointment to sort the gas meter out.
Thanks Dave
I had smart gas and electric meters installed by OVO over a year ago. Unfortunately the gas meter stopped communicating with the electricity meter within a few months and despite many attempts through Customer Service to try to fix it I am now reduced to periodically going outside to take manual meter readings from the “smart” meter. I’m in my mid-fifties, have some mobility issues and our gas meter is at ground level so getting down to it is tricky, (especially as they fitted it with the screen facing the side of the box not facing up the way where it would have been easier to read). I live in Scotland and going outside especially in Winter to do this is no fun. The last communication I had from OVO basically said - too bad, live with it you’re not a priority for getting the meter replaced or even have someone come out to inspect and test it. This was despite their Customer Service previously having confirmed the fault and promising me I was on the list for a replacement. My experience with OVO has been soured as a result and I’m looking forward to switching. It seems like they rushed to get everyone into Smart Meters but really didn’t have the resources in place to support what seems like a technological solution still in its infancy. Anyone had similar experiences?
Dear Nancy_OVO,

I’ve been through all that process of trying out booster relays with Jon from the OVO Tech team. In fact he sent two separate relays just to be sure and neither fixed the problem. This is partly what causes me great frustration with OVO. My case history is well documented in the Customer Service case software that the team uses , but anytime someone new tries to help they fail to read the case history and ask me to repeat things I’ve already been through previously. As an experienced electrical engineer I understand the technology, believe me. However, what I don’t understand is the poor customer service effort in resolving the issue.
I have two problems:

  1. my gas smart meter is not communicating with OVO but my electric one is. how do i fix this?
  2. i tried to submit a manual meter reading. i pressed '9' on the gas meter keypad and got a reading. however the reading is below what the OVO website shows from the last estimated reading. the readings have been estimated for months (i did not know this as i don't log onto the website since i got the smart meters last year). how do i get the correct meter readings in the system? i have no idea how OVO has been estimating my usage and I'm somewhat perplexed as to why OVO thinks I've used 4x as much gas as my current reading shows. or, alternatively, the changeover to the gas smart meter was not done correctly and the current estimated readings are based on the old meter...
please can you help
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Welcome to the forum, @oboulind, I've moved your post here.

Please see the post above, especially the best answer, in answer to your first problem.

If we haven't been getting a reading from the smart meter we have to use estimated readings so that we can produce a statement for you. The estimated readings are based on 3-5 years of historical readings. Please try and resubmit the reading on your MyOVO account. If you can't enter the reading, please send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email our team on, with the reading, this will enable us to bring your account up to date.


I’ve just found that my (smart) gas meter stopped working 6m ago (after working OK for the previous 9m).

The meter is as dead as the proverbial Norwegian Blue - i.e no reading on the display or anything.

I’ve given the data asked for to Ovo and am waiting for a response. My question is why did it take 6 months to notice when the meter is supposed to report every half hour.

On 9 Jan 2020, I noticed that my gas readings were suddenly missing from my IHD. Sure enough on inspecting my online meter readings the electricity was still being taken, but there has been no gas reading since 9.1.2020


The smart meter was installed in April 2019, and it’s been working fine since. Nothing has changed regarding the location of the meter, the IHD or my broadband router so I’m perplexed as to how or even why the gas reading has suddenly stopped. The gas meter itself appears to be on and working, as well as the electricity meter and I still have all the normal gas appliances and central heating working just fine.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…





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There could be a few reasons why the meter has stopped communicating with us, @MDL73, the main being a tempory issue with a phone mast in your area.


We’ll need to give the meter some time as it may start communicating with us again. 


If it doesn’t, our team will pick this up and get in touch with you directly asking you to do a smart meter health check - just to set your expectations they could wait up to 3 months to do this to give the meter a chance to resolve this on it’s own. 





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It’s not great to hear that we took us so long to picked up the lack of communication, @taffy

The meter display will be blank, it goes into sleep mode until it is “woken up” unless of course the meter is faulty. 

I’d recommend taking a reading, if you can, more info on how to take a reading here, if you can email the reading to the team here:, they’ll be able to bring the account up to date. 

Hope this helps! 







That makes no sense, as the electricity meter is still sending daily readings through to OVO. Therefore, why would the gas meter stop talking to the electricity meter due to a phone mast being down?



Hi guys. Had my two smart meters (SMET1) installed a few weeks back.

A couple of issues both with gas;
1) On MyOvo it's saying that I still need to give gas readings manually. Electricity is fine its reading that every half hour.
2) Gas is also not showing on the IHD, only the standard daily charge.

Smart Meters are about 1 meter apart with no walls or anything in between.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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I agree @MDL73 - this can’t be an issue with the Wide Area Network because the Communications Hub is still sending electricity readings.

I have experienced non-communication from the gas meter to the Comms Hub on several occasions during 2019 because my SMETS2 meters were being used to test software. Twice I required meters and Comms Hub to be replaced. On the other occasions, communication was re-established by OVO downloading new software.

Such a move is not without risk as it has the potential to lose all communication, thereby necessitating another site visit. That’s why I had a clear agreement with OVO SMETS2 Engineers that they could use test code on my site.

I recommend that you email Customer Support, stating the situation and indicate that the issue be passed to the SMETS2 Team. That gives you a date/time-stamped copy of the notification.

If a software update is deemed necessary, then you will probably need to wait until the new code has been approved through stringent tests, cross-checked with the manufacturer (Toshiba and Uniflow) and passed as suitable for distribution to customer sites.