Lost Connection - Smart Meters and IHD not sending meter readings - why?

  • 6 September 2017
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My smart meter(s) haven’t sent a reading since the 14th October - nearly a week as i write this. I checked my electricity meter and the red LED is flashing. Here’s my IHD info panel. 

it’s very important that i get this sorted as we have elderly people in the the house and we can’t risk any unexpected bills due to having estimated bills. 

Also, as i understood it during installation there was no requirement for WiFi to be available as it’s allegedly all done via a mobile signal: can you please confirm that this correct as we have a big problem  getting WiFi to certain areas in the house due to its construction. The meters have been working sinc3 2016 without a problem.


Thanks in advance.





My Smart meter only gets a data connection intermittently.  When it did connect a couple of weeks ago the electricity reading, according to my online records, was around 2100.  An estimated bill  a few days later is consistent with this reading.  I checked the meter, pressed 9 and the reading was 5900 KwH.  Why the difference?  Was the meter set up correctly? The gas readings are correct. 

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7 weeks ago I reporter a faulty meter. An engineer came out installed or rather started the installation of a smart one.The smart meter has not been connected as yet even though we have asked several times for it to be done.

Added to This Ovo have estimated our usage,for the period of fault but have completely ignored the fact that we were over £900 in credit with them ! The credit has been cleared from the statements as if it never  existed therefore the bill is an over inflated amount ??

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That wifi symbol top left (with a cross across it) tells me the IHD isn’t linked up to the smart meters@Halifaxer 


Same with you@AndrewPB @liz18 - have a look at the electricity meter - is the middle of the three red lights near the top left of the meter face flashing? Is the mobile signal good by the meter? If it’s a no to either of these, there’s a signal issue that needs to be fully diagnosed: 0330 303 5063.


The agent can also check the readings being used in your bill and make sure they all line up.  

Thanks, I’m due to have a look at the meters tomorrow, as the gas meter’s rather inaccessible. I can see the electricity meter red light’s flashing though. I was emailed a list of tasks to work through so I’ll do that and get back to you.


It’s very strange that this should happen though - it’s been woirking fine for a number of years.

Quite an interesting diagnostic session at the weekend - I followed the directions provided by an Agent, and found that the gas meter appears to be communicating successfully, and the (single) LED on the electricty meter is flashing once a second. I’ve taken readings.


However, the bad news is the mobile signal next to the electricity meter is even lower than the cellar it’s located in:


The odd thing is that the signal’s been fine for 3 years, but since 5G was introduced there’s been a reduction in 3/4G signal strength, and now the meter(s) have all but lost their signal! This is with EE - we also have on O2 mobile which on closer inspection is about the same.

I have just discovered today that my electricity smart meter has not logged a reading with OVO since the 24/01, yet my gas meter reading is getting logged daily. The led lights on the electricity meter is blinking green.  What do I need to?  I only discovered this by accident when I logged onto my OVO account and it said that they had not received a meter reading for electricity for some time?


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One thing you can check is the WAN light on the electricity meter.

If it is flashing then it is connected to the mobile phone network OK and should be sending readings back to OVO.

If it is on solidly or off completely that you have a problem.
Make sure you check the correct light as there is another red light that flashes every time you use a certain amount of electricity.



You will only find the WAN light on the Electricity meter as the Gas meter connects to the Electricity meter to send it's reading.

There is another topic on the forum here where people have similar problems:

Updated on 13/2/2020



Very odd, @Sparkster2301 - I’d expect the gas meter usage data to also be an issue if it is for the electricity. Have a look at the ‘best answer’ which I’ve got above this message, which let’s you confirm or rule out a signal issue between your electricity meter and us. 


Then give us a call so an agent can run through what we call the ‘smart meter health checks’, to diagnose the issue: 0330 303 5063


Giving up on my IHD. The gas works, but the electricity stopped a few months ago. Spoke to Ovo, who said someone from the smart-metering team would probably have to visit and that’s that. Is there any way I can re-pair the electricity meter myself?

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It does’t sound like it, @scuthber, it’s a shame to hear we couldn’t get this sorted over the phone for you, but it sounds like we need to get an engineer to recommission the meter. Once this has been done, the IHD should kick back into action

Thanks! .