Current Day historical usage not displaying on website or phone app

  • 10 January 2018
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mine is working now also thks
I noticed it was working this morning and thought I'd post an update, but seems like I've been beaten into 4th place !!

@Nancy_OVO, the issue would now appear to have been fixed, thanks. And unsurprisingly no relocation of the gateway was required... 😉
Mine is also now working properly again today.

Furthermore the half hourly data for the days since 7th January are also there.

It is a shame that Ovo do not appear to consider it necessary to explain what went wrong as it is clearly nothing to do with IHD location or communication with wifi or the meter
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When I saw that some people were now seeing their daily graphs again, I reconnected my gateway. By yesterday evening I could see the daily graph. And now I can see today's graph. But I can't see yesterday's graph any more.
Agree with others that it's a shame Ovo haven't really attempted to explain what happened.
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I can't see yesterday's graph any more.

Still an issue @SianiAnni?
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Ah no, I can page back to the 21st now. Thanks for asking!