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Can we get access to the live usage API?

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+1 for the API please
+1 again.

My use-case?

Alerting me when the underfloor heating has come on unexpectedly while we're out, due to the frost stat being triggered. I could then decide to turn on the GCH heating remotely, saving on total energy use.


Use an Ovo API to monitor for when the kW rate jumps by more than a threshold, for a period of time. This would indicate that a high-load device has turned on.

I'd then check whether the house is occupied, e.g. by connecting to Tado's location service or similar.

Finally I'd check if the weather service suggests it's a cold day outside.

If nobody is at home, and the load has jumped, it suggests the underfloor heating has turned on due to the frost stat. Send an alert to mobile phones, so we can decide to switch on Tado remotely to mitigate the underfloor heating.

Tech stack?

Raspberry Pi, Tado, Home Assistant, Node-RED, Python.
+1 for API access

My use case:

To integrate it into a home automation system - show daily/monthly/yearly usage along with pricing maybe? I would love to have this show up on my home automation system - would be the first UK company to have this option and functionality - and also home automation is becoming a more wider sought-after tech required in a modern day home.

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let's get you added our list of future volunteers, I'm sorry to say no API is available, nor any trials confirmed at the moment. I have a list for when things change..

@100903609 @Riscy @r3m0dul8 please PM me to confirm your OVO account number, name, and email address!
Hey Tim, I am the creator of MyZoe.UK and an EV Driver I'de love this information to combine with my EV Tracking.

I'll PM you in the hopes of too being added to this list.
Just wondering if OVO are any closer to re enabeling the real time live usage part of the app.
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Hi @Ajk - I've moved your post here where you can find more information.
I swapped from OVO to E-On and then back again. When I was with E-ON they installed a Liberty Smart Meter and everything worked no problems even when swapping back to OVO. Recently though the real time usage indicator has stopped working, why is this??? I still get accurate bills so the meter is obviously working but no display which is really annoying when you have solar panels and the meter is monitoring both usage and export.
Hope this feature has not been disabled!!
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Hi @AlanN51 - I've moved your post over here where you can find more information about this!
Hi, please could you add my location to the API, for a geolocation based energy consumption use case.


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Hi @CloudCircus I've moved you're comment over to this topic, as you should be able to get a bit more info here!



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