Can my smart meter work out how much I export from my solar panels?

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I don’t disagree that the Smart Meter  records and shows the amount of energy exported but if I want this information I really do not want to visit the meter cupboard every time.  The IHD does not show instantaneous usage nor does it show the amount of energy being exported.

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Agreed - but why would you need an instantaneous reading of this anyway?

I would have thought that an instantaneous reading of energy consumption is an essential to understanding how to reduce energy impact and reduce consumption and bills.  The effect different appliances have on the total consumption on a daily basis can only be accurately identified by instantaneous readouts surely.

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I thought you started this thread by referring to solar panel output, not the more general proposed benefits of smart meter/IHD readings to examine usage

I’ve installed 4kW of solar panels and get 50% deemed export for FIT purposes. If I install a new smart meter will it give me an accurate export reading and, if so, will I loose my 50% deemed export?   

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I’ve moved your post here, @wil Parry, there is a host of info around smart meters and solar panels above. 

You will lose the 50% deemed as the smart will measure the export accurately.