Suggested Improvments to My OVO website user interface

  • 10 January 2018
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I've just had a very frustrating 15 minutes searching on your paym subdomain website for some information. There is no search facility, and no obvious access path. What I wanted to check is what data you have relating to my contract. TI, term, etc. I eventually discovered this when I was trying to update my billing address which is incorrect (but low priority since I have electronic billing).

You have a page called "My Profile" which on a standard display shows from "About me" to "OVO Marketing". It is only when I tried page down to look for security questions that I discovered the "My Plan" section giving most of the information that I required. Followed by "My Billing Information.

"My Plan" is not about me, as it is not personal information that I can change at my discretion. It is part of my agreed contract with OVO and belongs under an "Account Information" heading.

I do wonder if your developers or your reviews are actually OVO account users.

I also tried to give feed back on the site itself, but the feedback tab allows me to select a sub-pane and give a 1-5 smiley score. Totally useless.

1 reply

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Thanks for providing feedback, @TerryE.

On our website, there is a button down the right hand side labelled ‘Feedback’. This button gives customers the option to provide feedback on specific parts of the website or just overall.

The smiley face metric helps us understand if you’re dissatisfied, happy or if you just want to provide some neutral feedback. Once you’ve selected which sentiment you feel is applicable, you’re able to leave your thoughts in a commentary box below. I’ve included a screenshot to this comment showing where you can do this.