My OVO usage graph not showing smart 'daily' figures correctly - why?

  • 1 December 2017
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I’ll try again, as my first question from 2 days ago, appears to have disappeared into the ether!

I’ve recently moved to OVO and had a smart meter installed. I’ve set up the wifi link successfully but find that whole chunks of data appear to be missing, I currently cant look at my current days readings - I get a message saying that there is no data to display , with no option to look at previous days usage apart from a look at the weekly graphs which just show the whole usage rather than the hourly display I would find useful.

When the current day has been available there are whole chunks of data missing.

Is this normal, or is the whole system a bit flaky!!

Best answer by Tim_OVO 4 December 2017, 16:26

I find that whole chunks of data appear to be missing!


Please see this topic for more info on the removal of these real time live usage features.
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16 replies

And again, I wake up this morning and get ‘there is no data available for this period’ for the current day, and only the total for yesterday is available - no hourly report for the day. What is the use of a smart meter if you cant see what you’ve been using in any detai till the following day? The smart meter just shows the total used for the day, and that is wrong as it’s still using an incorrect price for the electricity!
In my opinion the Smart meters provided by Ovo are not as good or useful as those provided by British Gas.
I can’t comment on that, as this is my first smart meter. I’m referring to the online figures and app that are just unable to show any figures for the current(!) day.
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I find that whole chunks of data appear to be missing!


Please see this topic for more info on the removal of these real time live usage features.
I’m in a fairly rural spot, so the phone signal isn’t too great around here! But I’m getting 2-3 bars on ‘3’ next to the outside electricity meter. The engineer who fitted the meter said that signal was fine as the meter used all networks to get its connection - is that true? I’ve heard of some phones that can have multi-sims, but a meter?

Afraid I can’t send a shot of the graph as at the moment, the current days usage isn’t available (message as above), and it won’t let me look at previous days!
Today I have a daily display, so I can show yesterdays graph (no gaps so far on todays!). As you can see, it has a couple of gaps.

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Today I have a daily display, so I can show yesterdays graph (no gaps so far on todays!). As you can see, it has a couple of gaps

This does sound like a not too great signal issue, @Ditcheat.

We can fit a signal 'aerial' which will help improve the signal if there is better strength near to the meter. But it sounds like it's an OK signal everywhere in the property.

Keep an eye on it for us and if you'd like to discuss getting an aerial, drop us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

Hope this helps,
Ok, ta. I’ve had a couple of decent days graphs, so I may be able to live with it for the moment. There are plans to put a new O2 mast not far away, so the problem may disappear (fingers crossed).
OVO app has been on and off with ‘today’s usage’ from smart meters since I had them with it not working more than it does work.

I have contact customer services neumerous times but once someone is looking into it I never get a further response or solution.
I have mailed OVO with the same details as below. In fairness to them, I received a speedy response but that's as good as it gets. They offer no explanation nor expected resolution time, only that investigation is on-going and for me to take manual readings if I have concerns.

Am I alone in this experience ? Mail sent to OVO (verbatum) :

There are considerable discrepancies in the usage figures for my supply as recorded and displayed on the web.

There are numerous examples where figures displayed do not tally, but by way of example......

• On the monthly & weekly display, our gas & electricity consumption is identical for 25th & 26th January, down to 2 decimal places. A coincidence that cannot be believed. The usage panel shows 20.50kWh electricity consumption and 81.94kWh gas consumption for both days.

• The daily figures for the same two days are completely different figures – 22.7kWh & 13.2kWh for electricity and 24.9kWh & 143.3kWh for gas. In fact I cannot find a daily consumption figure which matches that displayed on the weekly or monthly displays.

• The daily gas usage display rarely (if ever) reflects our actual usage. Our only gas consumption is central heating & cooker. Since the beginning of last week, our kitchen is being refitted and hence the cooker has not been used. Our central heating/hot water is scheduled for 06:30 – 09:00 and 16:00 – 21:30 each day. Occasionally, the heating is manually switched on during the afternoon.
The daily profile displays over the last few weeks shows :
o Significant gas usage all day and overnight,
o Morning usage but no afternoon/evening usage,
o No morning usage but usage throughout the night,
None of these usage profiles match reality.
I have to look back to 14th January for anything that might resemble our actual daily gas usage profile.

• Electricity usage daily profiles are equally suspect. Usage figures displayed on the daily & weekly/monthly screens do not match.

• Similarly, daily electricity profiles do not reflect reality. By way of example :
o 17th/18th & 19th/20th January shows significant overnight use – generally 4 times the day time consumption !
o 21st January shows 3 periods of flat, identical use through the day – not to be believed.

I’d hope you can understand that I have lost all confidence in the web usage displays, and this leads me to doubt the accuracy of your billing.

If you are already aware of this problem, might I suggest that you look at better communications – a ‘Known Problems’ page on the website might be appropriate. I’d further suggest that you disable the web pages that are returning misleading data – no information is better than incorrect information.

I hope you’re able to respond to this query, I will pursue this matter until I have regained confidence in your ability to bill accurately.
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You're not alone @Burleigh - I've moved your query to another topic on the same issue!

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I stopped using my in home display as the readouts were rubbish and all the unit was doing was using electricity so its turned off.
I do however follow the website data and look at it everyday.
The problem is it lags by 3 days on the month and week display but on the day one always gives the previous days as it should but to compare day to day i need the week and month ones to work correctly.
I also found out by accident that clicking backwards and forward altered the readings per day, something still wrong with data feeding to the website i think.
Is anyone else having this issue?
Im happy with OVO's prices as ive just done a comparison and they are still tops on my present fixed prices.
I would use the in house display more if it gave an accurate day/week/month data, maybe when the next generation in house display is available it will give better data.
I was just looking at my usage graphs and every single day there is a spike of energy usage at the same time every day at 10:30am - 11:00am.
No one is home at these times...
is the cat doing something dodgy?

Hopefully someone an shed some light on this for me...
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Well for everyone new its nothing new that the online graphs are out of date, i have mentioned over the months since i got mine fitted that its out of date (several times, look up my username). I haven't got any figures from the 16th onward this time.
I emailed and have asked on facebook and its the same old answer, our technicians are aware of the issue and are working on it.
Maybe its time to get someone in as TSB did to sort out the problems. BTW i left TSB. I may do the same with OVO.
No point in having online figures if they dont work and as for the pipit 500 its a joke.
As you can see im somewhat exasperated.
I checked a spike in electricity use for Oct 25th which seemed high and also saw the day before is blank! Whats up with that?
Hey @StuBob I've moved your query over to our usage topic.