Why have I still not been able to set-up my OVO account following my move?

Dear All,

I moved to this property on Apr 1st week, still now my Account set up and not getting correct energy bill not getting in the new moved property. Called so many times, still no resolution. Not sure what to do? Please help!



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Hi @Sankar Balakrishnan - Welcome to OVO and to our online community here.


Sounds like you’ve recently moved in to a home we already supply. In which case we’d recommend checking out the advice given in our guide below:


If you’ve been in touch with the Support Team, or set-up an account online, we’d expect you to receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ within 5 working days so I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been so smooth in your case.


As you mention some issues with the account billing, I’m wondering whether you’ve checked the meter readings we’ve used on the opening statement match those you took from your meters when you first moved in? If there’s any issues with these readings this could explain the unexpected charges, so it’s important to get in touch with our Support Team to double-check things on an account-specific level. Have you tried getting in touch with the team via our webchat? You can find a link to this here.

Thank you for information! i tried all the above with Customer/Account Management team, no one is giving correct information. The issue is not solved. i send emails as well. Don’t know how to fix this issues. Really tired now! 

Thank you for response!. I tried all - so far they said, they will pull up my meter reading automatically, they never asked me. And they are saying still some technical issues only. I don’t know how come 75 days, still they are saying issues. Please help!

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Sorry for the confusion, @Sankar Balakrishnan.


Sounds like there could be some technical issues getting things setup. We’re fairly limited in terms of getting things resolved here without full visibility of the account in question. As you mention already contacting the Support Team without a clear explanation as to what’s causing the delay, I’ve arranged for us to collect some account details via a Private Message here. You can access and respond to this PM by heading to the top right-hand corner of any forum page.


I hope we can help shed some light on things.

Dear Jess, 

Any update you got ? i have send my details you asked. Thank you for support & help? Waiting for this issue to get fix this week please. Yet to get my welcome letter/email - No response for my Emails as well!


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Sorry for the slight delay, @Sankar Balakrishnan..


I’ll be responding to your PM today to explain the cause of this issue.


Thank you for your patience.

Thank you! 


Dear Team,

Any update on my OVO account ID? Pl help! Waiting patiently for 82 days, don’t know still how long need to wait for this simple account creation taking so much of time?


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Dear Team,

Any update on my OVO account ID? Pl help! Waiting patiently for 82 days, don’t know still how long need to wait for this simple account creation taking so much of time?


Just tagging @Jess_OVO as she mentions PMing in the past. 

Dear Community Managers,


Pl help !Any update we got ?? for my OVO Account ID? When this Home Move will happen? Following up with OVO on daily basis, no resolution at all??? Pl help!



Hello Team,


All the necessary information give to your Support/Account Management/Resolution team! No update yet, pl let me know, today!




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Hi @Sankar Balakrishnan,


So sorry for the continued delay. I’ll be sending you a private message to provide more details and outline the next steps.

Hi @Jess_OVO 


I am trying to piggyback on top of that thread as it seems you are able to help and I have the exact same story:


  • A new property I have purchased
  • From some reason no-one in OVO is able to register an account on that property. All that I get is “we are getting ana error on the system for that property”
  • It seems that there was an issue closing the previous tenant account - however this is now closed. 
  • The previous tenant was kind enough to come over and we set on the phone all morning. Everyone confirmed his account is closed and we should be able to register a new account. By that I mean
    • Collections
    • Customer service
    • Complaints/resolutions department 
  • yet …. no one is able to register an account

I see you offered some help above, can I pick that offer as well :-) ?


Many thanks


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Greetings @lupubtl !

I’m sorry, but Jess is no longer active on the OVO Forum. As per my programming, I have redirected your query to @Emmanuelle_OVO .

Thanks for understanding!

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Hi @lupubtl yep this sounds like the right situation to call in the help of the Forum_Support team. I’ll ask them to private message you. 



I just moved in to this property, I received a mail from ovo energy. Since then have been trying to set up my account in my name. I tried all means but no good respond so far. 

Also I tried to download there app, but was able to login. Please help me out here

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Hi there @Gfash ,

You’ll need to sign up via first. If that doesn’t work, please call OVO on 0330 303 5063.

Nice one, have done that. Thank you