Why have I had a refund from OVO I wasn't expecting?

Anyone else had credit in their account they weren’t expecting?….


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Hi @Lizash98 !

What kind of credit do you mean by that? There’s various ways that this can happen and a few extra clues can sometimes help to solve the puzzles.

I’m only a forum volunteer myself, so I can’t access your account. However, if you think you’ve had a refund that shouldn’t have happened, please feel free to flag this up with the Support Team and they can take a look for you.

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Any updates on this one, @Lizash98?


We’d love to hear if you managed to get to the bottom of that mystery credit!

We had an unexplained credit to our bank account.  We have loaded quite a big positive balance to Ovo so that we don’t get any nasty shock when the prices go up and our direct debit is no longer enough. I would have expected that a credit for any reason would simply have been added to our positive balance. Ovo didn’t inform us of the refund - I only saw it today by chance, when checking our bank statement. An explanation would be useful. I don’t want our positive balance to be eroded just by Ovo paying cash refunds back to our bank account. 

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I’m afraid it’s a government decision to send the EBSS to your bank account. OVO has no say over it.

You should check MyOVO for a full breakdown by the way. It’ll all be under Charges in detail for the latest billing cycle.

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How much was the credit?  is it a balance of the EBSS credit from the government (so maximum of £67, or is it something bigger?  if the latter OVO could have policies to limit excessive customer balances - particularly if the account balance attracts interest.


But as forum volunteers we’re not best placed to judge.

Thanks for the replies. It’s £66.00, and I would really prefer it actually to be used directly for my energy bills. I know I can just credit it to the account again, but this is an extra hassle I could do without. But I guess this is typical of the most incompetent shambolic government we’ve had in living memory.  

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I’m afraid regardless of who you’re with, the £66 would end up in the bank anyway.