Why can't I see my new account online? It always shows my old closed account after logging in...

  • 30 October 2018
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Has anyone else had this tech issue? ... we moved house and so OVO closed the old account we had. We wanted to stay with OVO so a new account was set up, with a new OVO ID.

But despite me clearing cookies, cache, using incognito windows, changing passwords etc etc.. whenever I try to login with my new OVO ID and password the screen immediately reverts to the old closed account page.

Meanwhile, OVO wants meter readings for the new house but I can't access the new account page.
I'm stumped.

Emails to the customer service guys just suggest what I've already tried.

I have sent them another email address I have to associate that with my new account but that didn't get picked up on as a suggestion. So I just tried that as a suggestion again.

In the meantime..
Any ideas? Cheers.

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Hi @markk, welcome to the forum!

That sounds really annoying. I had one OVO account for a rental property, this was then closed. A couple of years later I opened a new account at a different property. The OVO IDs were different, but linked to the same email address.

I never had any problems and could log into both accounts.
Sounds like you aren't getting anywhere by email, do you use Facebook or Twitter? You could try getting in touch by their social media channels.

Failing that, hopefully one of the OVO staff will see this message and be able to help out.
Thanks @Mw2870
Hopefully one of the OVO guys will see this and / or look at my suggestion to change my new account behind the scenes with the other email address i have.
Social media is an option too cheers.
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Updated 12/03/21: you can toggle between energy accounts. See this topic for more info!

You can access your online account via your browser or via our OVO App! Download for Android or iOS


Are you able to access your account on any other devices, @markk? It doesn't sound like your cookies and cache have been cleared, as it keeps remembering your old account. Try this again, and on another device.

To make sure that your old account is closed, look for a final bill and refund. If this hasn’t happened and it’s been more then 6 weeks since the move out, reach out to our Support teams: We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat! They’ll need you to confirm your name, DoB and new account number! 🙂

I am having the same problem changed to OVO in June I have managed to put readings in until the last few weeks. all I get is the page saying you are moving. tried the left hand site to enter readings and it just goes back to the same page. so frustrated not getting anywhere with e-mails they said change password but that hasn't worked either. any body help
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As Eva mentioned above it sounds like your cookies and cache haven't been cleared @graham4beltsville as it keeps remembering your old account . If you clear your internet history, cookies and cache and reset your password, then you should be able to log in with your customer ID:

If you're still having trouble with this, you can send a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat, confirming your name, DoB and new account number and we'll take a look for you!

In my previous house I had OVO and that has been closed and a new account has been created for the house I have moved in. In my OVO I can see the old account but not the new account Do I need to register as a new customer and create a new OVO profile or I can use my existing one? If I can use my existing one when will I be able to see my new account?

Thank you
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I've moved your post here, @bdieze, please check out @Eva_OVO's answer.

Been with OVO for a number of years now. Recently moved house but since then whenever I try to get into my account all I get is

"Your Switch has been cancelled
Unfortunately your switch to OVO has been cancelled.
We’ve sent you an email explaining why, so please check your inbox."

This is NOT the case as on checking with OVO accounts everything is OK it's just that "My OVO" is broken.
I wanted a EV charger fitting but I cannot get this unless I can access "My OVO"
I have reported this issue on a number of occasions and whilst everyone is very polite and helpful, NOTHING happens (well apart from as soon as in put the phone down I get an email saying the issue has been fixed!!!!) I am now getting very disappointed with OVO and I am unsure what to do next. If I try to leave I will get hit with a cancellation fee but if I stay I cannot access my account or get an EV charger.
Ideas anyone?
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This does sound frustrating, @MikeDenn, hopefully it's a simple fix.

I've moved your post here, @Eva_OVO's best answer should help, if it doesn't please reach out to our team.
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I have recently switched to Ovo (I was a customer of Ovo several years ago and had an online account). Ovo have asked me for readings as my supply commences tomorrow. I have attempted goodness knows how many times to do this but when I try to submit readings it keeps saying “it looks like you have left us” (presumably from when I used to be a customer) and it will not allow me to submit my readings. I have attempted several times to re-register as a new customer however, all I keep getting is...I am asked if I want a quote and then asks me to choose a tariff when I already have a tariff! I want to be able to log in a s a new customer but it will now allow me to do this. I have had to email my readings to Ovo. Please help me! My supply commences tomorrow and I just don’t know what to do.

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Hi @Redstar , Yes, I too had this issue when i rejoined using the same email address. Once I had chatted to them (I think i used Facebook messenger, they are very good) and my supply went live, all was fine. But yes rejoining I had to submit separately. 


Hope this helps!



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Thank you so much! I will phone them in the morning. Your response has reassured me and stopped me pulling my hair out with frustration (lol :joy: )

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I agree with @Jequinlan. Your email address remains assigned to your old account on OVO’s customer database. You either need to use a different address, or else get the email address unlinked by manual intervention.

You could email Customer Support making sure that you give them adequate information to positively identify you.

Or you could wait until the CS staffers are active tomorrow morning and visit the Help Centre. When there are staff available, the Webchat link will be shown at bottom right.

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I followed your advice and got in touch via a virtually immediate response. Many thanks John for your help! 

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Thank you for your response @Jequinlan! I sent a message via FB messenger and it was sorted out yesterday. Thank you for your interest in my query xx

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Glad i could help @Redstar 

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I’m glad this is all sorted, @Redstar! Great effort gang @Jequinlan and @Transparent

I’ve moved the thread to this existing topic, it’ll be handy going forward to have everything in one place.

Thanks :blush: