Where are my annual statements?

Hi I joined OVO at the end of 2017 however I can't find any annual statements in my email account, it doesn't look like I have ever been sent one. I get the regular "Your latest OVO statement" emails, but that seems to be all.

Any ideas?

I need one for comparison as my fixed deal is coming to an end.


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@Transparent @PeterR1947 - you've both been with OVO a fair while - do you know what these emails are labelled as in your inbox??
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I'm on a 2-year Fixed Contract. I've just looked back at OVO emails received at the anniversary date for year-1.

I received two emails (one for each fuel) with the Subject: Your yearly energy statement.

Each has a 3-page PDF attached.

Updated 04/03/2020

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On closer inspection I note that

a. These Annual Statements were sent just 2-days before the anniversary date of my Contract

b. The emails are generated according to Pacific Standard Time, not GMT

c. The email header isn't quite correct. The Date: field timezone format isn't quite correct. As a result my email software doesn't display it. Other email software may incorrectly sort it, perhaps not placing it in your queue in chronological order.
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Sorry, can't help, I ave the pdf attachments then delete the email 😞
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Thanks for the detailed answer @Transparent, thanks for trying @PeterR1947, good team effort!

If you can't find the email @localshop, we can get you a copy, please reach out to our team, they'll be happy to help.

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!

Cheers gang!

Hi @Amy_OVO

Is there any chance that these annual statements could be made available when we log in to My OVO???

This would make it much easier to find them if you forget to download a copy when you receive the email from OVO once a year.


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Brilliant suggestion, @Phil_H, I'll feed that back to the right team. Watch this space 🕵🏽
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. It doesn't look like I have been sent an annual statement so I'll give the team an email.

I agree with @Phil_H that it would be really useful if these were available in My OVO.
I joined in 2017 also >> no annual statements.
Really surprised that they are not in my OVO - only monthly statements available.
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I joined in 2017 also >> no annual statements.
Really surprised that they are not in my OVO - only monthly statements available.


They should be emailed out to you, @Eborexile as others have mentioned above. Email us to get this resent.

In the meantime, have a look at your most recent statement for annual cost and usage data, on MyOVO


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I haven’t received my annual statement for my Electricity yet! I got the one for my Gas usage in Novemeber but OVO seem to have over looked the leccy :( Not very impressed given the number of times I’ve had to complain for mismanagement of my account, OVO gets worse by the day...:thumbsdown:

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Hah…. So I’m going to ask the obvious question @Slinky - have you used the Complaints Procedure in this particular case?

You might also want to look what Kelvin and I have been debating about this over here on another Topic. A high proportion of Forum members are raising issues here when they aren’t themselves clear whether that issue is or isn’t being handled within the official Procedure.

Providing an Annual Statement is a basic requirement under Ofgem rules. So OVO won’t regard such an issue lightly. Nor will they want the risk of them failing to resolve it within 8-weeks and thence being taken to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. :open_mouth:

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Hi chap, thanks for your reply :wink:  No I haven’t used the complaints procedure yet, to be honest although I knew I had received my annual Gas Statement I overlooked not having received the one for the leccy until yesterday.

I did read your other post you linked to and I agree that customers probably don’t use the complaints procedure often enough, but with that said and in my own defence my issue hardly warrants a full blown enquiry yet. I’m hoping it can be resolved more quickly through these forums. 

Interestingly though I’ve been reviewing the details provided in my Annual Gas Statement and checking back through each bill and according to OVO I have used 7019 kWh between Nov 2018 and Nov 2019, however my own calculations say otherwise.!! Assuming I have added them up correctly I actually used 7116 kWh

I’ve tried to make the figures the same as OVO worked out but it just doesn’t add up. I think there’s some confusion over the bill dated 28th Novemeber 2018 to 27th December 2018, for some reason I received seperate bills for the gas and electric that month, below is a screenshot of the important bits…


As you can see for the above month I was billed for using 1047 kWh however the bill says I only used 94 kWh in the charge period. This still doesn’t make my figures tally with OVO’s, it’s flipping confusing

I’ve mentioned plenty of times in these forums how OVO have mismanaged my account and yes, perhaps an official complaint is warranted in my case but I hate all the hassle of waiting around for investigations to be completed. I’ve lost count on the number of phone calls I’ve received from OVO appologising for various issue and promising it will be resolved by the next bill, it rarely is!

I’m going to hit OVO where it hurts now and have already been looking at switching away to Octopus, I can save £150 over what I’m paying now so it’s just not worth me staying with OVO. They had their chances to put things right and failed. 

It will be interesting to see how the figures compare if I do ever receive my annual Electricity Statement, will that one be right I wonder?


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Erm @Slinky - meter readings are most likely in cubic metres of gas (depending on your meter).

The 1047 refers to the kWh that this translates to. Have a look at the next page of your Statement and there’s a clear explanation of how the calculation is done.

I took someone else through the maths one step at a time in a somewhat longer response to this question on another Topic here.


Us Ninjas are going to need to understand this better if we’re going to be helping others here on the Forum. Now that more bio-gas is being introduced into the mix, there are greater variations in the calorific value, both in time and in geographical location.

Ofgem have rightly identified that “public education” is a significant factor in moving people forward and helping them make better decisions about their energy usage.

Most people who do compare gas usage against previous periods are making these calculations based on the gas volume, with no regard to the calorific value of that volume. That’s not a fair comparison, even if it used to be in the past.


I think both [color=#6060b0]Ofgem[/color] and the [color=#50a070]Energy Suppliers[/color] could assist in this public education by continually evaluating whether their data formats are properly communicating the required message.

In this case, a fairly straightforward gas statement has still failed to make sense to a Forum Ninja. So that suggests to me that the communication still lacks clarity.


I’ve edited the snapshot of the Statement you’ve just posted above, removing all your red markings. I’ve also added two words to see if I can make it any clearer.



What do you think?

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Thank you for the explanation, I’ve never really understood that confusing calculation page but having just calculated 94 units using the details given on that page I got very close. I made it 1046 but obviously OVO round up the odd numbers. Makes more sense I suppose but who’s got the time to do that on every bill, especially if your checking the whole year.

Your above ammendments to my screenshot don’t really make it any clearer as it’s not obvious enough. In reality you’re just duplicating what it says at the left heading.

Here’s what I came up with as an altenative, as you can see it highlights much more clearly that the units are then converted to kWh. This actually would save OVO from including the calculation sheet. Lets face it, it’s far easier having all the calculations on one sheet than having to refer to a seperate one.


BTW, I welcomed the easy to understand statements when I first joined OVO, much simpler than British Gas but something has gone wrong over the last few years and now they rarely makes sense hence many of my complaints. Addmittedly some of it might be my fault but OVO have confessed to making errors also. That’s one of the reasons of lost faith in them. 😞 Hadn’t realised I’m a Ninja, lol.., I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag! 


NB: Do you recommend emailing OVO to enquire about my missing statement?


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Thanks again @Slinky.

It’s likely that the layout of OVO’s bills is such that it can cater for all manner of scenarios. These will need to include

  • customers who have just been moved to Prepayment meters
  • customers who have had meters exchanged during the billing period
  • corrections being made to previous erroneous readings

Although I appreciate the logic of the extra line you’ve added to your Statement, I don’t know how simple this is to add.

I suggested the two extra words in that location because I was hopeful it could actually be implemented by Billing Dept with the absolute minimum of debate.

Let’s see if the Moderators can do us a favour and send them a link to this Topic via internal mail. @Nancy_OVO ?


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I suppose the only people that can judge which is the better solution are OVO themselves. I can only see it from my onw perspective, I have no knowledge/idea of how other customers bills are formatted.

I think we do both agree on one thing though, there’s certainly room for improvement to make the conversion from units to kWh more obvious. I think sometimes companies make too many assumptions on their customers understanding of such issues, not everyone is that tuned in to billing procedures. I’m a great advocate of keeping things simple :)


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The mystery deepens!

So having finally received my annual statment for my Electricity I decided to check the figures shown between the statement dates…

28th November 2018 - 27th November 2019

OVO Claims I have used the following:-

GAS 7019 kWh



However having checked the amount shown on each bill manually between the two dates my figures don’t tally at all. 

GAS 7116 kWh



I’m taking these figures directly from the information panel shown on my monthly statement (top right - page 2) Now correct me if I’m wrong ‘AGAIN’ but these figures are showing the calculations from Units to kWh aren’t they?



Can you please clarify? 

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I’ve just switched away from OVO due to my dissatisfaction with their service, OVO have repeatdly made me feel under valued as their customer. It would be really nice if someone at OVO could lay this question to rest for me please so I’m not leaving on a sour note.


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I don’t know what’s happening with these totals @Slinky and I doubt we can answer this on the Forum. Only someone in OVO with access to your full account details can check these figures and say how the Annual Consumption stats are calculated.

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Thank you @Transparent , I thought I was doing something wrong for a minute, especially after you mentioned the calculations on the back page but as you know the figures shown in that info panel are indeed the figures which OVO are billing me for, therefore I cannot see why my annual statement doesn’t tally. Of course this also raises the question, if these figures on my annual statement are wrong did they get the one before wrong and the one before that? Have they got other peoples wrong too? Has anyone checked their own figures and compared them to what OVO state on their Annual Satements?

I’m fine that OVO may have under charged me but it’s worrying because the last thing I want is to be hit with unexpected charges now that I’m leaving.

In the circumstances I think I’ll do as you suggest and ask OVO. Whether they’ll repsond in the 48 hours they promise or wait until 72 hours have passed remains to be seen, it took 72 hours to send me my annual statement so they let themselves down a bit, another bug bear!



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The Annual Consumption figures are calculated according to a formula laid down by Ofgem so that there is complete consistency between Energy Suppliers. Ensuring that the calculation is being correctly implemented is a very important part of OVO’s Compliancy Team’s responsibilities.

If you raise an query like this through Customer Services, you may be assured that it will be taken seriously.

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Thanks again @Transparent , I don’t know what I’d do without your valuable help. My only concern now is whether contacting OVO might make matters worse, I’ve just had an email from them confirming my move but for some reason they’ve only said I’m switching electricty. Hopefully it’s just a matter of one department does Elec and the other does Gas and that email is just in the pipeline.

Oh well, I’ll be brave and see :thinking:

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You will receive separate responses from OVO to the request to switch gas and electricity. They are (correctly) acting on official Notifications sent to them by the National Meter Databases, which is ECOES for electricity and Xoserve for gas.

And @Slinky, the upshot of you learning so much about this subject here, is that you’ll now be a fount of information to assist others over the coming years! :slight_smile:

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Haha! Thanks chap, yes I was taught by an expert Ninja for sure :wink:

Actually I just checked on my Octopus switch progress (should have done that first perhaps) and I could see the Electricity had passed the necessary checks but Gas is still being checked. Oh and BTW, I did send OVO an email to ask for clarification over my annual statement. Hope they don’t charge me for the higher usage amounts I calculated :kissing: