What time frame do the 'S2' Smart Metering OVO team have to fix a SMETS2 In Home Display (IHD6) firmware issue?

  • 13 September 2020
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My IHD3 failed in March and I was without a device until I received an IHD6 in August. Unfortunately the display still isn’t talking to the SMET2 meters despite numerous phone calls to OVO.

It is showing the default out of the box information but I am being told by OVO that it is registered on their system. The issue appears to be local communication between the smart meter(s) and the IHD.

The “pairing” issue has been ongoing since the 25th August and has now been escalated to the Smart Metering Team. I’m being told that I just have to wait for them to call me and/or perform a firmware update on the meters.

How long should I expect to wait?


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Updated on 14/09/20: To diagnose SMETS2 IHD connection issues, see this guide. 


Hi @Sunelectric - sorry to hear about this. It’s unusual for an IHD to fail too.

I’m afraid there’s no shortcut to you waiting for an OVO engineer to contact you. It isn’t possible to add a device into the Home Area Network (HAN) without your Energy Supplier first sending a command to permit this. Even then there is a time-based feature, requiring you to complete the actions at your end before the timeout expires.

I assume the issue at OVO’s end is that so few of the relevant staff are now working within the Bristol HQ because of the Coronavirus restrictions. Since there is already a question-mark over whether your new IHD is or isn’t properly recognised, this operation is going to require a more senior member of staff to check and confirm the steps of the process.

I don’t think there’s anything more we can advise here on the Forum, apart from you sending an email to marked for the attention of the SMETS2 Team, reminding them that you are still waiting.

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Good luck with your firmware issue. Mine started in December sent all information requested told Smart Team will call me within 10 working days twice.  Nearly 5 weeks and 3 calls to CS and still total silence.

My original post is marked as solved!

They don't care .

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That’s a fair point @Bar58. Those of us who frequently respond to questions on the Forum are constrained by the way in which the software works.

The system marks the question as solved once that Topic is assigned a “Best answer”. That doesn’t mean that issue is regarded as closed.

We aren’t Customer Services. We have no targets to hit by assigning a Best Answer. It gets assigned because this guides other enquirers into a Topic that is likely to answer their query.

When we’ve got a Topic with a Best Answer in place, we too have to wait for OVO’s staff to actually implement the solution. Every week I look back at Topics I’ve assisted with to see if there are any where I haven’t heard from the enquirer that the issue is resolved. I often add a prompt to the Topic, asking the originator to give us an update.

Less than half the originators actually post here to tell us the final outcome… which is disappointing. It means we don’t get to hear how accurate our answers were.

If you’ve been waiting since December, @Bar58, then I assume you didn’t initiate the Complaints Procedure.

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The reason I haven't logged a complaint is because I had a health check appointment booked for 1st April 2020 which was cancelled due too Covid-19. I fully understood that and sent my gas meter readings on the 26th of each month during lockdown. I contacted Ovo again when customer services resumed. I spoke to a man in CS who forwarded me a letter with a list of information needed for a health check and promised to replace my IHD. I provided that information ...photographs, video, scale drawing giving meter locations etc. Difficult because both my hips are repaired with pins  and meter is in an understair cupboard.  I am not on the priority list anymore because I was called by Western Power during lockdown  and I was pressured into taking my name off the list because I was told only people who would need the services of the Red Cross and who would need to blankets and food should qualify!!

Understood this information I collated would be forwarded to the smart team and I would be contacted within 10 working days. Rang CS again understood the information had not been forwarded hence another 10 working days. In the meantime IHD arrived..failed to join/pair the original CS advisor told me to wait an hour, then 4 hours, then ring again in 3 days. Called in 3 days  told it would be forwarded as  urgent call in 3/5 days if heard nothing so I ring again today. 

I will escalate this to a complaint now. Never before have I had to file a complaint in any other Energy supplier, CS have always sorted it. Very poor customer services. I gave them an excellent review early in this dispute because I assumed they would do what was promised during that call. Lesson learned.

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I don’t understand how Western Power Distribution (a DNO) can have you removed from the Priority Services Register for which you can readily view the criteria on that link.

The PSR data used by Western Power is compiled from lists maintained by GB Energy Suppliers. Their criteria are approved by Ofgem. If OVO Energy have accepted you onto the PSR, then a DNO cannot override that. They are merely a user of the Registers.

Email and ask them to confirm that you fulfill the criteria and that your name is on the Register.

I’m still waiting for the Smart Meter Team to contact me. It’s got to a point now that I’m considering moving supplier!

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Thanks for this update, @Sunelectric 


I do know of a change in time frame for our ‘S2’ team of customer facing specialists to get to new ‘cases’ - it’s been changed from 2 weeks to 3-4 weeks whilst a backlog is dealt with. 


This MIGHT be the issue, as I know that firmware manual updates are quick to do. 


If it’s been longer then 4 weeks, please chase up a response with our Support team this afternoon - web chat has a 4 minute average wait today. 

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Can I assign my comment above as the ‘best answer’ @Sunelectric, as it will help others who want to know the latest time frame for this.?

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Well you’re the senior Moderator, @Tim_OVO , but personally I don’t like having a Best Answer with a negative connotation to it.

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It’s all about making the latest and most accurate info as easy to find as possible @Transparent - sometimes that’s info we’d rather not be correct but is….


But I don’t like to force the issue with these best answers, some users prefer these topics to stay ‘open’ whilst things are ongoing. Let me know the latest @Sunelectric 



(Community manager :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )  

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@Sunelectric @Bar58 - I’m in the process of collecting account details from SMETS2 members with longstanding smart/ID data or communication issues that we aren’t fixing. 


Can you confirm the latest with your situation so I know to include you or not?

@Tim_OVO  Hi Tim. This is still an issue. I chased it about a week ago and was told that a new IHD6 was being sent (expected to take 2-3 weeks).

I’m still waiting for a call back from the Smart Metering Team...

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Thanks @Sunelectric 


I’ve had a meeting today with lots of the ‘S2’ and ‘smart support’ team, to try and better understanding the types of issues, the process, and why things seem to be getting missed in some cases. 


I’ve learnt a lot, and will be able to change the advice I offer when pointing members to our Support team, to help the right issue get raised in the right way. We’re also taking steps to build better internal and external resources to help diagnosing and fixing. 


In the meantime I’ve also asked for your account to be looked at as an exception, and any outstanding ‘case’ to be worked. I hope we get somewhere with this....


Thanks Tim.

I’m still waiting for this issue to be resolved (it has been ongoing since March/April). I’m being told that I have to wait for another replacement IHD. I was told on the 11 November that it would be received within 10 days. I’m now being told there is a backlog and have not been provided with a delivery time...

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Welcome back to the forum @Sunelectric :)

I’ve actually checked this up myself recently and the latest I have is that a whole bunch of IHDs are on order now and should be ready to send out in the new year, around early January. I think OVO has put in a giant bulk order to catch up with everyone who’s waiting for one.

If anything changes, we’ll try to keep you informed.