Self Service Reward is no longer available for new and renewing customers - will you miss it?

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For starters there seems to be no one to talk to at ovo.
I was under the impression that I would get £60 off my bill per utility (gas and electricity) but that seems to have gone now.
Also, I had a smart metre fitted last year which left my original electricity box labelled DANGER TREAT AS LIVE". This is in my house and ovo has still done nothing about it.
I'm wondering why I have stayed with ovo??
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We appreciate the feedback @PeterL. It's a shame to hear you're switching away, all the best with Octopus! 🐙

 @Missbob - I've moved your post over here which is where you should be able to find the information you need about the Self Sevice Reward. As for speaking to a person, you can give us a ring (0330 303 5063), send us a message FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat, be sure to include your account number, full name and DoB.

I'm in the process of renewing my contract, and have been offered the "2 Year Fixed Energy 06 September 2019" for gas & electricity. Does this deal qualify for the self service discount?
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I've moved your post here, @Is_it_just_me, check out @Tim_OVO's post at the top of the thread for more info!


In my opinion, this is a breach of contract by Ovo - the self service reward cannot be withdrawn without specifically telling customers.  Putting the information on the website and in the forum is not communicating the information.

I signed up to a new deal in August.  The link to terms and conditions when I signed up takes me to October 2018 conditions which include self-service reward.  My October bill (which should have included the self-service reward payment but didn’t) tells me what I need to do to earn the SSR.  On that basis, it is my view that it remains part of my contract, but Ovo has not paid.

As Ovo has not communicated the removal of the SSR to me, the payment of SSR was in the T’s & C’s and in the bills which Ovo has sent to me, Ovo is not complying with the terms which it is sending to me.

Hi, I’ve been with Ovo for a number of years now and have been really pleased so far. I’m looking to renew but my offers don’t include the rewards scheme I’m currently getting which is approximately £15 per quarter discount off my bill. I also get a 5% interest award  

Could anyone confirm if the quarterly discount will still apply to my new offers please. 


Many thanks


Mrs Wilshaw

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Welcome to the forum, @Sarahwilshaw, please check out @Tim_OVO’s post at the top of this thread. 


I am glad the SSR has been removed. It definately stopped me asking genuine questions for fear of losing the quarterly payment. My renewal is up at the moment and I was contemplating switching because of it but might now stay if Ovo have definately allowed for this in their pricing. This of course we cannot really check.

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Great to hear you’re thinking about sticking with us, @nickykris, when we made the decision to remove the Self Service Reward, Better Energy (1 year Fixed) decreased by 13.0% and the 2 year Fixed decreased by 9.7%. 

I hope this helps! 

Yes, thank you. I have now renewed to Better Energy 12 month fixed.

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I still cannot see were my ssr is paid.Please oblige.Derek Higgs.

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Hi @Derek Higgs - I’ve moved your post over here. Have a look at Tim’s original post here - this might answer your question.

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bumping this one ^

We entered into our new fixed 2 year contract in April 2019 to start in June 2019 BEFORE the decision was made to discontinue the SSR. Yesterday - for the first time and exactly half way through our contract - we learnt the SSR was being stopped with the last payment in July (sorry, burying it on the website and on a forum that I’ve only joined today doesn’t count as proper notification to a change in T&Cs - as I know OVO know because they’ve done it properly by sending the aforementioned letter). 

I’ve seen previous posts saying the discontinuation of the SSR has actually made their bills cheaper HOWEVER because we accepted our contract in April 2019 before the decision was made the stop the SSR, we will not see these cheaper prices because we’re tied into a 2 year fixed rate - and in effect will actually see our bills increase by nearly £50 when the SSR stops (because we’ve always met the T&Cs).  The letter also suggests we’re already on the cheapest tariff.

We were told in the letter we could contact OVO to see if there was an alternative plan, except we can’t because they’re only accepting emergency calls!

We were also told we could switch to another company with no cost implications, but I’m not sure switching in the middle of a recession caused by a pandemic is a good idea - how many of the smaller companies (who are often the cheapest) will go under because of the recession, particularly considering the number that collapsed in ‘good’ times. Now doesn’t seem to be the time to be ‘playing’ the energy market.

I appreciate that the T&Cs stated that the SSR could be withdrawn at any time but the letter and a reply to a Tweet said they were trying to be fair to all their customers - but, effectively, increasing our bill and not passing on the reductions to us that other customers have seemingly received because of this change does not seem remotely fair. Perhaps removing the programme at the end of a contract OR not doing in the middle of a pandemic would have been fairer?

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Hey @SilverTree

If you renewed your contract before the 29th July 2019, you should still be getting the Self Service Reward. If you’re not please reach out to the team, we’ll take a look into this, please rest assured this will have no impact on the reward. 

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!



@Amy_OVO Thanks for your reply - I reached out to someone at OVO via Twitter and the attached is the response I received. To say I’m not happy with the tone is an understatement. There is a general ‘put up with it or go elsewhere’ attitude and the great customer service that convinced to stick with OVO in the past has apparently all but evaporated. Guess I’ll be using my time in furlough to switch. Here’s hoping OVO doesn’t mess that up for us or try and charge us for the privilege!


Well @Amy_OVO @Grandadshaw  Eva on Twitter might say ‘regardless of when your contract ends” BUT the OVO website says this (screen grab at the end)and our contract doesn’t end until June 2021, having been taken out in June 2019.

I’m now wondering if they do remove the SSR how they’re going to give us the promised savings instead - no one’s mentioned that. Or in their haste to save cash, has no one thought of that in their eagerness to abandon the promise to honour the scheme until contracts end. 

Ironically it will affect customers who are, by OVO’s own definition,  good customers who pay by DD on time, submit meters readings every month and maintain a good credit balance. Hold on here - is this an attempt to force meters on us??

I’m beginning to wonder if this is a cock up and because nobody I’ve spoken to knows how to rectify it they are just repeating what the letter says and are hoping I’ll go away. We’ll see ...


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I voted No.

I only benefitted from it on one or two months because if having to contact customer service.

I would rather have cheaper tariffs with the plummeting price of crude oil due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I am in contract until July next year and just before my contract runs out I will be looking for cheaper tariffs.

I don't really want to leave OVO but if they don't offer value for money I would change supplier next year.


I would agree that cheaper tariffs would be great, but in stopping the SSR half way through our contract they at the moment are not offering to - and I quote - ‘do something smarter – and include these savings into your energy plan”  ( see here for the full quote but instead are just removing a benefit which will costs us real money because since the reward has been part of the plan we’ve always received the reward, so to us it is a genuine increase in our bills.

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Hey @SilverTree 

It’s a shame to hear you feel this way.

In terms of your bills, your tariff (unit rates and standing charges) won’t have changed. You’ll still be paying the same rates.

The reward was a credit balance added to your bills on a monthly basis, making the overall cost to you slightly less. With this removed, your bill amount will likely go up slightly, however it will still be true to your usage, which is after all what you’re paying for.


Started new 2 Year Fixed Rate - Economy 7 (all online) 18 December 2018 plan on 23rd January 2019.  Old plan due to expire 21st February 2019.

Have just received email about termination of Self Service Reward on 1st July 2020.

Checked back on my statements and although I have received the SSR (unlike some OVO customers) it has only been for £7.14p for a single fuel instead of the stated £7.50.  All three qualifying criteria have been met.

How do I query this with OVO without forfeiting the final SSR please?

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Hey @Enaj 

Due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, there is no negative effect to your SSR for reaching out to OVO via their email. Especially, when you’re not able to call in at the moment.

You can reach also reach the team on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!


Hope this helps,

Thank you Bradley.  I will send an email.