Moved from SSE to OVO - can someone explain how the monthly online billing works?


can anyone explain the ovo bills.  Bit confused to be honest


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Welcome to the forum @Patgin , I’m Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers here.

The question you’ve asked is rather broad and it would be helpful if you could give us some more context. What is it about OVO’s bills that you’re unsure about?

Hi thank you for coming back to me

Not sure what the in and out means.  Also meter readings I've e mail in. 

Couldn't  see a payment i made last week.

Its all new this monthly billing. Just want to understand how it works..

Thought it would be example 

1233 = meter reading given  = £ 30 July payment due. 

Help understanding would be much appreciated 

Thank you 

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If you’re paying manually, it can take up to three working days before it shows up - however OVO will accept the date you sent the money as being the date you paid so don’t worry there.

IN is for any money you’ve paid into the account, such as bill payments or top-up payments. OUT is for all charges, mostly usage charges, standing charges and VAT. OVO’s monthly billing works the same way as anyone else and it’s just like quarterly billing, just more frequent.

@nealmurphy @M.isterW and @Jeffus tend to be more experienced in number crunching than me though, so I’ll see if they're around.

Thank you for replying. I've been used to a quartley bill from SSE and they just put meter reading and money owed. No in or  out etc. Just liked the way I used to pay before.  Just a bill different lingo


Thank you again 

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No worries. :)

Quite a lot of people (including myself) appreciate the extra transparency that OVO’s bills provide but either way, you’ll always find the basic meter reading and how much you owe on every bill as well.

If you need a hand with anything else, we’ll be here. :)

Thank you 

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Hi @Patgin, we’ve also made a great guide on OVO live billing, check it out here:



Traditional Energy billing model

Traditionally energy companies would receive meter reads either

  • From customers reading their own meters and submitting a read.
  • From smart meters directly.


On a specific date each month or each quarter, they’d look at the latest meter read they had received to bill you and generate a statement. This might have been based on the latest smart meter read, it might have been based on the last read you submitted manually or it might be based on an estimated meter reading if there was no meter reading received for that day.


This model makes anticipating and budgeting your energy costs harder as you’re only able to see how much your usage is costing at certain intervals throughout the year.

So how does live-billing help?

We started developing this up-to-date billing solution as OVO members told us that the traditional model of issuing a monthly or quarterly statement can make it difficult for them to feel in control of their energy costs. Particularly at times of increased usage, having to wait until the next statement was issued can cause increased anxiety and may result in members restricting energy usage or worrying about the next payment due. With up-to-date billing you now get a clearer idea of how much your energy use has cost every day and keep track of your balance throughout the month.


This means that the balance shown on your online account is always an accurate reflection taking into account

  • The cost of your energy usage, as calculated and billed with each time your smart meter sends us a reading or you submit a reading manually.
  • Daily standing charges.
  • Payments and refunds.


Monthly Summaries


Along with the way your charges are shown on your online account, you’ll also notice a difference to the statement that’s emailed or sent to you each month. We’ve streamlined the information we give you into a monthly summary. This will be emailed or posted to you depending on your communication preferences. All previous monthly summaries can also be downloaded on the ‘’Billing History’ page of your online account:


Exact appearance may vary

How to get the best out of the new online account


As we’re able to calculate your charges whenever we receive a reading, the live-billing platform is ideal if you’ve got a smart meter set to send us readings either daily or half-hourly. We’ll then adjust your balance based on actual usage figures each day at midnight. If you’ve not yet got a smart meter installed this might be the perfect time to take the leap.


If you’ve already got one installed but it’s currently sending us monthly readings, we’d recommend contacting our Support Team to request an update to your smart meter reading schedule.


Thank you, but again in your  message above you mention quarterly bills. I have been told in no uncertain terms you only do monthly. Bit confusing seeing one message and being told another. 

I can see how SSE customers are feeling anxious with not being told anything prior.

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So sorry for the confusion, @Patgin and well spotted on the mention of quarterly bills above.


I’ve updated the article to make things clearer, as going forwards we only offer a monthly billing schedule. We know from our existing members that monthly billing can help them with budgeting as it spreads their usage costs through-out the year. You’ll still be able to request these as postal statements and make payments in the same way, albeit on a more regular basis. 


Have you managed to access your new OVO online account yet? This is a great place to check your latest monthly bill and make a payment online if needed.


Let us know if you need anymore help finding your way around.

Just got to rearrange outgoings monthly now. Rob Peter to pay Paul as they say. Yes I’ve asked lots of times for a postal bill but yet to receive one. Was also told that the money I would pay each month would be followed up with a e mail. Did that happen no. Just to be told the correct details would be a start.


thank you for your reply

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I’m so sorry to hear that your requested posted bills are yet to arrive, @Patgin


If your communication preferences are registered as postal we’d expect you to receive this posted statement within 10 days of the end of your billing period, so I’d recommend checking in with the Support Team to make sure this is on the way.


You’ve also mentioned not receiving a  payment confirmation email. Just to clarify, was this payment made online

So I’ve got a complaint being looked into be the resolution dept ( they should have rang me 4th Aug) not done so yet though. They  put a memo attached to my account. Then I have an e mail saying the account is a month overdue and it will effect my credit record if I don’t pay.   Don’t they look at attachments before they worry you. Not impressed at all not impressed. All the services etc they you use for your house hold to tick over. Ovo are at the bottom by far.