Economy 7 times - What are they?

What are my Economy7 times? My meter serial number is XXXX (edited by Moderator).


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Thank you for that quick reply Transparent.  Very helpful.  I was concerned that if I sent an email I would loose the discount, but this is a PM, so must be different.  Bye.

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Hi @DreamSteamer and welcome to the Forum.

You can send a Private Message (PM) to one of the Moderators such as @Tim_OVO or @Amy_OVO. Click on their name and you’ll see a new page with details of how wonderful they are.

At the top of that page is a button that reads Send message. Click that to open a PM.

Give enough detail for them to ensure who you are

  • Your name
  • Address and postcode
  • OVO account number
  • Meter serial number or MPAN (printed on each meter)

They can then look up your Economy-7 time-slot from their database and reply to you.


Just joined the forum.  I don’t have either a Twitter or Facebook account  and would loose my quarterly  discount if I emailed OVO directly with my query.   How do I find my Economy 7 times now I have a smart meter?  I have looked at the other posts and it seems that everyone has different times?  I also wonder what happens at the BST/GMT changeover?

Sorry if I seem dumb but I must have missed the obvious somewhere and it is driving me crazy that I can’t find this simple information.

Thanks for your patience!!

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What’s your Meter Serial Number (MSN), @Tcc

My postcode is *removed by mod*  and I have a economy 7 smart meter with ovo and I just need to confirm the start and finish times for the night time period. 

Can't find anything on the ovo site regarding the hours etc 

Thanks for the information everyone.
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We already had a topic on this so I've moved your comments over here @GunnerH94 @Tufty71 .
Hi your East Midlands with that mpan, it starts at 11pm for 7 hours.
Here's a link to show all areas.
Can someone please tell me what my Economy 7 times are?
My MPN is Removed by mod (meter number Removed by mod).

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Hey @Steve_Coombs, as per this threads instructions you'll need to reach out to our team.

Hope this helps!
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There are indeed, @MJR.

You can send us a message on Twitter or webchat via the Help Centre, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 8-6 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063.

Hope this helps!

Hi Amy, thanks for the reply, unfortunately Facebook is one thing I don't have, any other way to authenticate?

What are the active hours for Economy 7 in Cardiff area?

Thanks for your help

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Welcome to the forum, @MJR, I've edited your post to protect your details, you'll need to get in touch with our team.

Please contact them on Facebook, you'll need to confirm your full name, full address and DoB and they will confirm the times for you.

Can you please tell me the BST and GMT times of my Economy 7 Night.
Meter Serial Number **edited by moderator**

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I've moved your query over here, @JeffC, your off peak times are between 2330-0630 and your peak times are between 0630-2330.

As you've got traditional meters BST/GMT won't affect the Economy 7 times, this is because of a time switch mechanism within the meter.
Hi there
I have an OVO Energy account and live in Hackney, London, N16 . There is a dual electricity meter which reads low (night) and high (daytime) tarifs. In addition, I have a timer to set when the electricy can come on and off in my flat. However, I have no way of knowing when the OVO Energy times for peak and off-peak energy charges are. I have seen in some earlier discontinued posts that this is effected by my meter and so I am giving the serial number here: L74A02167. If there is a forum moderator who knows the answer presumably because they work for OVO Energy could you kindly advise. Also is this BST or GMT or whether it makes no difference as the meter automatically makes allowances for the changes? Thank you.
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You'll need to contact our team, @mmm.

Please contact them on Facebook, you'll need to confirm your full name, full address and DoB and they will confirm the times for you.

Hi, I still can’t see the times for my particular meter could you just tell me please. Thanks.
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I've moved your post here, @mmm, please see the answers above for more info.
My meter number is H14P0156986, could you please tell me when I get cheap electricity.
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Hi @Paul H58 and @Danlor - I've moved your comments here. More info above ☝🏼
Having search the OVO site where do you find the current rates that are available for Economy 7 users?
How do I find out what the switch times are for my Economy 7 meter?
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@aliali @Simon Thackray @linda.hackett @mariahyau95 - if you private message me your full address, I can find out when your off peak times are!