Economy 7 times - What are they?

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Thanks NInja, I did send a PM to Tim yesterday but I've not had a reply yet.
Hi there. I'm sorry but I don't know your name and I'm puzzled why I have not received a reply from Tim yet. I can only assume that he is on leave. Not being terribly savvy with this forum, can I ask how do I find a list of Moderators so that I can point my request to them? If you can help I would be most grateful.
Hi . . Transparent (?).

Thanks for your prompt response. I shall PM Emily to see if she can help.

Many thanks for your help.
Hi there
I have an OVO Energy account and live in Hackney, London, N16 . There is a dual electricity meter which reads low (night) and high (daytime) tarifs. In addition, I have a timer to set when the electricy can come on and off in my flat. However, I have no way of knowing when the OVO Energy times for peak and off-peak energy charges are. I have seen in some earlier discontinued posts that this is effected by my meter and so I am giving the serial number here: L74A02167. If there is a forum moderator who knows the answer presumably because they work for OVO Energy could you kindly advise. Also is this BST or GMT or whether it makes no difference as the meter automatically makes allowances for the changes? Thank you.
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I've moved your query over here, @JeffC, your off peak times are between 2330-0630 and your peak times are between 0630-2330.

As you've got traditional meters BST/GMT won't affect the Economy 7 times, this is because of a time switch mechanism within the meter.
How do I find out when my economy 7 hours are?
I have an economy/electronic 7 meter. And I have the serial number but I want to find out my off peak times. I have just moved into a flat and have no idea what’s going on with the immersion heater. The hot water is very temperamental. Please could someone help so I am setting the boiler to the right times and to save money? I haven’t even had my first bill yet... scared for it!!
I have an economy 7 meter, know the serial number but cannot find anywhere the times for the different rates.
I have 2 rates (peak & off-peak). Every month I faithfully submit my electricity meter readings and every month I get the automated reply that my off-peak use seems low. I have tried to find out (unsuccessfully) what are my off-peak hours. All I can find is that the hours vary dependent on where you live. How can I find out? Having found out, apart from the dishwasher and the washing machine, I can't think of anything else that one could practically defer to the middle of the night short of reversing how we live i.e. sleep all day and be active all night!


Just joined the forum.  I don’t have either a Twitter or Facebook account  and would loose my quarterly  discount if I emailed OVO directly with my query.   How do I find my Economy 7 times now I have a smart meter?  I have looked at the other posts and it seems that everyone has different times?  I also wonder what happens at the BST/GMT changeover?

Sorry if I seem dumb but I must have missed the obvious somewhere and it is driving me crazy that I can’t find this simple information.

Thanks for your patience!!

Hi your East Midlands with that mpan, it starts at 11pm for 7 hours.
Here's a link to show all areas.

My postcode is *removed by mod*  and I have a economy 7 smart meter with ovo and I just need to confirm the start and finish times for the night time period. 

Can't find anything on the ovo site regarding the hours etc 

Can someone please tell me what my Economy 7 times are?
My MPN is Removed by mod (meter number Removed by mod).

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We already had a topic on this so I've moved your comments over here @GunnerH94 @Tufty71 .