Economy 7 times - What are they?

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I have an economy/electronic 7 meter. And I have the serial number but I want to find out my off peak times. I have just moved into a flat and have no idea what’s going on with the immersion heater. The hot water is very temperamental. Please could someone help so I am setting the boiler to the right times and to save money? I haven’t even had my first bill yet... scared for it!!
I have an economy 7 meter, know the serial number but cannot find anywhere the times for the different rates.
I wish I knew! I've just posted exactly the same question!
I have 2 rates (peak & off-peak). Every month I faithfully submit my electricity meter readings and every month I get the automated reply that my off-peak use seems low. I have tried to find out (unsuccessfully) what are my off-peak hours. All I can find is that the hours vary dependent on where you live. How can I find out? Having found out, apart from the dishwasher and the washing machine, I can't think of anything else that one could practically defer to the middle of the night short of reversing how we live i.e. sleep all day and be active all night!
How do I find out when my economy 7 hours are?
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@cmpblls Customers can contact us via phone, email, letter or via Facebook/Twitter. We like to think that we make it hassle free for our customers to contact us should they need to.

The Forum has so much helpful information on here and it's forever growing. We really encourage other users to help one another out like @Transparent has done here.

As Darran mentioned, if you have anything that is account specific or requires a customer service advisor to help, you'll need to contact us via one of the channels mentioned above. :)

Looking forward to seeing what other topics you get involved in!

Hi Darran,
Many thanks for your help.I am pleased to report that Tim has come back and answered all my questions.
I note your recommendation with regards to the the use of Facebook or Twitter but not everyone uses those means of communication, myself included. As the customer base of OVO increases that may be something OVO needs to examine to ensure that communications are inclusive.
Have a great day! 🙂
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Updated on 22/09/20: See this topic where users have been PMing @Tim_OVO to confirm the off peak and peak times of their meter. It changes depending on the region, and some meters change with BST and some don’t!

Alternatively, contact the Support team via Facebook or Twitter, or through webchat via the Help Centre,


Hi . . Transparent (?).

Thanks for your prompt response. I shall PM Emily to see if she can help.

Many thanks for your help.
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Hi @cmpblls,
I deduced the Moderator Team members by reading through the Forum topics.
Apart from @Tim_OVO, I think there another four:
@Darran_OVO, @Lucy_OVO, @Nancy_OVO and @Emily_OVO.
They seem to have different areas of expertise, which you can deduce by looking at their online Profiles.
According to the Fun-Friday-Facts thread, Emily & Nancy both like Marmite, but I don't think that impairs them too much from looking up Economy-7 times :8
Hi there. I'm sorry but I don't know your name and I'm puzzled why I have not received a reply from Tim yet. I can only assume that he is on leave. Not being terribly savvy with this forum, can I ask how do I find a list of Moderators so that I can point my request to them? If you can help I would be most grateful.
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Although I'm a customer like you, I got to sit down for an afternoon cuppa with @Tim_OVO in Bristol last week.

I had unfairly imagined the four or five Moderators sitting with their feet on the desk, drinking tea, eating toast and watching their screens as we all solved each others problems!

What I learned is that they also manage all the live social-media feeds for the company. So their workload can vary enormously, depending on what's trending. Give them at least a full day to bounce your message to the relevant Dept and then get back to you.
Thanks NInja, I did send a PM to Tim yesterday but I've not had a reply yet.
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I suggest you send a Private Message to one of the Moderators like @Tim_OVO or @Lucy_OVO. You can do this by clicking on their name to view their User Profile. The Send Message link is at the top.

Us general Forum members obviously can't look up your account details!