Can I be taken off your new OVO smart meter online experience?

  • 25 September 2018
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I made a HUGE mistake in not opting out of the utter mess that is the new **BETA**.

Who do I contact to be put back on the old portal?



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Thanks @Cassie_OVO.
... and what are doing, working at this hour?!

I have an interest in the future-proofing of your work.

I'm a Team Member working on an Ofgem-funded Project to facilitate sub-station monitoring. We have a "smart meter" equivalent in a local sub-station called Meavy Way which has three separate feeds to a housing estate and a Primary School. Here's a graph I snap-shot earlier this evening, showing the power for each Feed in Watts for the preceding 24-hours.

The school has a 3-phase grid-connected solar-panel array. So we're looking at issues such as incentivising consumers connected to this sub-station to use that energy locally rather than feed it back up the line to the Transmission Grid, which causes imbalances.

Ofgem are wanting to see a reduction in the consequential energy losses. But to actually implement that we'd need to have all households on Smart Meters, and time-of-use (half-hour variable) tariffs in place. In the meantime, our App will mimic the financial incentives so that we can see what effect it has on their use of electricity at different times of day.
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Hi @Transparent,

We're definitely building our new online account with the future in mind - both time-of-use tariffs and IHDs with "CADs" (Consumer Access Devices, or smart gateways) - which incidentally was how @nicka88 was able to see live usage on his smart phone. We do have plans to bring that functionality back, although we need to address some more basic features first.

With reference to future IHD functionality, I am fairly confident that any preference the customer will be able to set via their IHD, they will also be able to set via our web or mobile app, which also will interface with the DCC.
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I don't believe there is anyway going back to the old site. But OVO are more than happy to take feedback. What appears to be the issue with the new website?
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I spoke to one of your colleagues yesterday who is thankfully sorting it out for me.

Many thanks for replying.
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Thanks for taking an interest. I returned to the regular Ovo website yesterday. All good now.
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My tariff has exit fees...

From my annual statement (issued 5th October):

Not according to My Ovo:

Is this a bug? Or related to the Self Service Reward T&C?
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Hi @Cassie_OVO, Thank you for the response. This all sounds good! I am happy to report I can now see my usage history going back to October 2017. 🆒

Today I had a look at the new iPhone app which accompanies the online account, and I have to say I really like the look of the app and much prefer it from the website. It is very clear and clean. The main omission in my mind at the moment is the lack of usage details. Presumably this is coming soon...

By the way, incase you were wondering, exit fees are shown as £0.00 in the app too. :P

I've managed to crash it by clicking on the "View your statements" link, but this doesn't seem to be consistently reproducible and has only happened once.. Not sure if there is some sort of crash log I can send to you to help you?

Given that my meter sends you a reading every 30 mins, can we expect to see slightly more realtime data in the future? That would be nice and maybe help to get rid of those pesky, energy using IHDs.
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What I want the most is the feature you took away months ago which is to see live usage on a smart phone. This used to be a great way of wandering around he house and turning things on and off and see the impact in real-time from my phone and be able to identify what uses most power and try to take some action to solve it (use less, replace, put on a timer etc). That is now impossible since I can only check on the display which is in the kitchen (and has to be plugged in so not ‘mobile’)

Surely this is one of the main goals of smart meters - to help customers reduce their energy usage ?????!!!!!

I really hope this feature will return with the ‘new technology’ you claim to be introducing !

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Updated on 12/03/21: See the info below on this new online experience. You can access your online account via your browser or via our OVO App! Download for Android or iOS


Hi @Rooty,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that we haven’t met your expectations with our new online experience. We are releasing new features every week, but we’re intentionally rolling this out to some customers before we have reached “feature parity” with the existing system. We want to take a customer-driven approach to our products, getting feedback from our users about what they do and don’t like about the new online account and have it inform both what we tweak to make more usable and what we build next. I think we’ve been upfront about what to expect, and have given customers the ability to opt-out if they prefer to stick to what they are familiar with for a bit longer, but as you’ve found, we can always move you back if you’re unhappy with the new experience.

I thought it might also be helpful to give some context to why we’re doing this. We aren’t simply doing a redesign - the changes go deeper. Rather than having to wait until the end of the month to understand how much energy you’ve used and how much it’s cost you, your balance and usage stats are now updated every day in your new online account. We want to provide you with more control and visibility into your energy, and over the next few months we plan to add even more features to help with this.

Longer term, we know energy usage in the UK will become more complex as more people turn to electric vehicles and connected homes. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of greener energy and smarter technology, we need to upgrade our technology too. By building a new OVO account, we are making sure that we are able to continue to meet our customers’ current needs while thinking about customers in future.

I know you’ve already provided some feedback, but our product team would love to talk to you to understand in more detail what you think we’d need before you felt this new experience was valuable for you. If you’d be happy to do this, please PM me and I’ll set up a call.

Many thanks

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Hi @Mw2870

Thanks for your detailed feedback; this is really helpful. To take your points in turn:

We aim to have all your usage data for the current contract you’re on with Ovo accessible within 24 hours of you being moved across to the new online experience. However, we’ve taken your feedback (and the feedback of others) on board and we’re currently looking at ways to get this into your account before you’re moved across; I can very much understand that if your first impression of the new account is data-free it’s going to leave you somewhat underwhelmed! We’re also investigating how to get usage data from your previous contracts ported across as well so there will be even more historical data to utilise.

On the topic of improving navigation, we’ve been doing some user testing of different layouts, and you should see improvements soon. A change that should be visible more immediately is the daily meter reads, which should be displayed as tooltips for each day on the usage graphs from some point next week.

And finally, we’re investigating the mystery of your disappearing exit fees and I’ll PM you with an answer to this as soon as we have one.
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Hi @Mw2870,

So the exit fees showing as £0 is indeed related to the self-service reward change, in line with our promise to waive exit fees if you choose to leave us in October following the change. It will be updated back to £30 per fuel at the end of the month!

Given that my meter sends you a reading every 30 mins, can we expect to see slightly more realtime data in the future? That would be nice and maybe help to get rid of those pesky, energy using IHDs.

Interestingly on this, your meter currently doesn't actually send us a reading every 30 mins, even if you're opted into half-hourly sharing - it sends us the whole day's data, chunked into half-hourly blocks of energy consumption, every 24 hours. Nevertheless, there are ways we can get this data from your meter more frequently, and we do have plans to do this, but it won't be a feature we can offer in 2018.
The new website is so bad and hasn't improved since I've moved over, is there any way to move back to the old website?

How do i revert to the 'old' ovo app? I did not ask to use or be moved to this new app. My direct debits have been stopped and re started from new. WHY?  there is no payment data at all. WHY?  there is only 11 months of usage data, although i have been with ovo for 3 years  and of this 11 months of data, there is only monthly price data, not yearly. WHY? What right do ovo have to make their customers product test their horribly written code. PLEASE REVERT ME TO THE PREVIOUS APP.

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Take a look at the best answer for more help with this, @Hostage.

How do i revert to the 'old' ovo app? I did not ask to use or be moved to this new app. My direct debits have been stopped and re started from new. WHY?  there is no payment data at all. WHY?  there is only 11 months of usage data, although i have been with ovo for 3 years  and of this 11 months, there is only monthly price data, not yearly. WHY? What right do ovo have to make their customers product test their horribly written code. PLEASE REVERT ME TO THE PREVIOUS APP.

I've just read your so called 'best answer'.  (Which is, incidentally over a year out of date) Let's examine just one small extract from this drivel.  

First of all, 'customer driven' and 'getting feedback' . Another way of saying that ovo are rolling out a beta stage app which doesn't function consistently and has huge gaps in the customers data, where we put inane "oops sorry about that" comments when monthly statement details don't appear.  But we've added a feedback button so you can do our job for us and tell us where it doesn't work yet.

Next: "we've been upfront about what to expect and given customers the ability to opt out" This is an absolute lie.  The first I heard of this was when I received an email saying I had to put a new password in because I was being moved to a new app. I was told that my direct debit had been cancelled and a new one set up. Meaning that I was now unable to view any of my previous 3 years payment info and finally, having spoken to an ovo rep on the phone, was told emphatically that there was absolutely NO opting out or going back to the old app.

So where exactly is the 'more help with this' that I'm supposed to be getting eva_ovo?

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Hi @Hostage,

Your previous billing history will have been imported onto the new website and you can see PDF copies of your historical bills (including your payments) on the billing page.

In the long term, all customers will be migrated onto this version of the website, and we’re continually improving it, so we’d try to advise that customers are best off staying on this version. However, if you need to be rolled back onto the old version for a specific reason, it is possible to do this.

Please drop the team a message on Facebook ( with your account number, full name and DoB and they can look into this for you.


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PS I don't think Orion has been mentioned to me, just the "new OVO smart meter online experience".
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Already left a number of feedbacks via Google. And to your colleague on phone.

In summary: as a rapid prototype or maybe a very early alpha, there is a LOT to do before it is customer ready. In my opinion, it should never have been offered without full disclosure regarding its raw state, along with an easy opt out again.
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@Cassie_OVO I have just been ported over today and while I understand that it is work in progress, it does feel somewhat basic compared to the previous site, and the excitement of something new and shiny when I read the email quickly disappeared when I logged in. That being said I won't be opting out though and and happy to continue to offering feedback

I have filled in the Google Feedback form and I think the first own goal, is not porting in historical usage data, one of the reasons I signed up to get a smart meter in the first place! I do understand that this is coming over the future months.

The other thing that would be useful would be to have the statements section on the top nav, rather than having to read a block of text to find it. Could you also include the annual statements in this section?

While I understand that this is focused on smart meters, and presumably the concept of a "meter reading" is old hat, it would still be useful to be able to see the digits somewhere.... incase the meter stops communicating or for using comparison websites?

Finally (for tonight), on the profile page, although there is a link to "Make changes to your phone number, email and marketing contact preferences", it is a little harder to find than say an "edit" link next to your phone number...
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Also it may be coincidence, but since I migrated I can't use the My Ovo App.
Maybe as my password has changed?

Retry doesn't work and neither does "logout".

Uninstall and re-install?
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There was a new version of the iphone app (v9) released today. I upgraded to that, and it logged me out. I could then put in my username and (new) password.
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That would definitely be useful @nicka88, and as you say one of the main features of a smart meter is being able to monitor usage in real time! I put my IHD (In Home Display) in a drawer as I did not find it very useful, but I have the older one (PipIt).

It was interesting that @Cassie_OVO was saying the meter only uploads the data to OVO once a day, even though it is sampled every 30 mins.

I wonder how this used to work...

Maybe it was dependant on the newer Chameleon IHD. Is this the one which you have @nicka88?
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Hi @Rooty - Do you mean the new website (it might have been introduced to you as a Smart online account)?
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Glad to hear this is sorted now @Rooty!

Thanks for updating.