Can I be taken off your new OVO smart meter online experience?

  • 25 September 2018
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I made a HUGE mistake in not opting out of the utter mess that is the new **BETA**.

Who do I contact to be put back on the old portal?



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How do i revert to the 'old' ovo app? I did not ask to use or be moved to this new app. My direct debits have been stopped and re started from new. WHY?  there is no payment data at all. WHY?  there is only 11 months of usage data, although i have been with ovo for 3 years  and of this 11 months, there is only monthly price data, not yearly. WHY? What right do ovo have to make their customers product test their horribly written code. PLEASE REVERT ME TO THE PREVIOUS APP.

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Take a look at the best answer for more help with this, @Hostage.

I've just read your so called 'best answer'.  (Which is, incidentally over a year out of date) Let's examine just one small extract from this drivel.  

First of all, 'customer driven' and 'getting feedback' . Another way of saying that ovo are rolling out a beta stage app which doesn't function consistently and has huge gaps in the customers data, where we put inane "oops sorry about that" comments when monthly statement details don't appear.  But we've added a feedback button so you can do our job for us and tell us where it doesn't work yet.

Next: "we've been upfront about what to expect and given customers the ability to opt out" This is an absolute lie.  The first I heard of this was when I received an email saying I had to put a new password in because I was being moved to a new app. I was told that my direct debit had been cancelled and a new one set up. Meaning that I was now unable to view any of my previous 3 years payment info and finally, having spoken to an ovo rep on the phone, was told emphatically that there was absolutely NO opting out or going back to the old app.

So where exactly is the 'more help with this' that I'm supposed to be getting eva_ovo?

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Hi @Hostage,

Your previous billing history will have been imported onto the new website and you can see PDF copies of your historical bills (including your payments) on the billing page.

In the long term, all customers will be migrated onto this version of the website, and we’re continually improving it, so we’d try to advise that customers are best off staying on this version. However, if you need to be rolled back onto the old version for a specific reason, it is possible to do this.

Please drop the team a message on Facebook ( with your account number, full name and DoB and they can look into this for you.