Can I be taken off your new OVO smart meter online experience?

  • 25 September 2018
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Hi @Rooty - we'd be interested and very grateful to hear your feedback on the new online experience. Please send me a PM with your thoughts!

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Hi @Aztec - I've moved your post over here where you should be able to find the info you need.
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I would be interested to hear from @Cassie_OVO if the new Apps are being written with a future IHD in mind?

At some point I'm assuming that OVO will be issuing a Half-hour Variable Tariff in line with the Government & Ofgem's aim to deliver domestic energy using Demand Side Response.

As I understand it, this would mean customers setting up their preferences, not just for purchasing energy, but also to drive EV-charging, Smart Washing Machines etc. There will also be "offers" made by the Energy Supplier, for example offering a lower tariff slot if there's a surfeit of renewable energy available.

Since these preferences are operated via the Smart Meter, I'm assuming that most people will use the secure route to set them via an IHD (Zigbee) and thence to DCC (encrypted mobile-phone transmission) rather than using an App.

Although such an IHD doesn't yet exist, to what extent are OVO's designers considering how it could best present a sensible User Interface whilst the App software is currently being created?
I was offered the chance to delay the changes to my online account and wonder if it is possible for individual customers to revert to the old style?