Wish I'd never joined!

  • 11 June 2019
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Very disappointed by OVO Energy.

Three months ago I joined and I've experienced nothing but appalling customer service.

My account doesn't work which is apparently a technical fault. It took three calls to get some sense of all that because the caller's phone kept cutting off. I was told I'd be updated by email, but three weeks on I've had nothing.

The newest smart meter they can't work out why it doesn't work despite their website saying it would work. Again I'd be updated by email but I've had nothing. I'm told instead to regularly ring in with my readings.

I asked on Twitter about raising this as a complaint - but I'm told I can't do that until they've resolved the technical problems which has no timescale for being fixed.

Now I'm trying to ring them for support outside my working hours and the lines are too busy to get any answers.

I've waited for so long I now can't leave without breaking the clause. Just great...

3 replies

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Hey @readjono,

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds like you've had a rough start.

It's surprising to hear you have not been responded to via email and that your calls were disconnected, I'll feed that back. It is best to gain resolution for a complaint once the situation has been rectified, but we can note the dissatisfaction on your account.

If you'd like us to look into things further for you, please message our team on Facebook.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, I did get through to someone in the end who said my account would be working within 48 hours, but alas it's now 72 hours. I'll try again next week.
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Hopefully it's all sorted now, @readjono, if not please pop our Facebook team a message, they'll look into this today.