Why have my usage graphs stopped updating?

  • 18 February 2018
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Hi, I regularly check my Usage using either the Android app or through a browser. The monthly and weekly usage charts havn't updated since the 14th February. Interestingly I can see the Daily usage for days including the 17h February so it appears my meter is communicating with OVO.

Anyone else seeing this issue or have any ideas ?

Many thanks,


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Please see this topic for more info on the removal of these real time live usage features.
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62 replies

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Well I can't see daily usage coz I'm not on a Smart Meter anyway. My chart is therefore calculated differently on the basis of calendar months.

But my usage graph has a note at the foot:
We're working on upgrading your usage graph to make it more accurate.

This doesn't surprise me. I've read a number of Forum posts where customers are saying that their DD is suddenly increased by a large amount or where their IHD is providing readings at considerable variance with their Statements. Others are saying that comparison data was incorrect.

I think the most likely reason for all these is that something is slightly wrong with the algorithms used in-house by OVO. I'm not suggesting that the maths used to generate actual bills is incorrect because that would be subjected to audit. However, the problems seem related to the feedback provided to us customers.

If the Usage Chart updates have been suspended whilst someone in IT is checking the algorithms, then perhaps that's a good thing.

Since you're presumably on a Smart Meter, @PeteHr, perhaps you could send an update into this Forum in another couple of days.
Exactly the same with me. Stopped on 14 February, though my meter still seems to be communicating with OVO. So they presumably have an issue?
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We've got the same problem.
For someone reason i cant see my daily usage on my app stopped working 4 days ago and i find this very useful. Please help
having the same problem no daily readings since Wednesday
Same here we have the same problem
I have also had no daily readings since Wednesday.
Having a similar problem, since last Wednesday no daily readings.
Thanks to all that responded to this post !

As of now the graphs are now working correctly so I guess OVO fixed the issue today....
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There must be some general IT issues or upgrades going on.

Looking through today's posts, new customers are currently unable to provide their meter readings.

If the few days of downtime are going to result in us all getting more accurate reporting that actually matches our Statements, then I'll be a Happy Bunny 🙂
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Please see this topic for more info on the removal of these real time live usage features.
Nice one @PeteHr thanks for updating us!

@paul b @lyn649 @Pete632 @Carolinesarah4 @mawdesley1111 - are your usage graphs working correctly now too?
Yes indeed. I presume it was a technical issue which OVO managed to eventually resolve.
Yes they are now, thankyou 😀

I have same problem my live usage has stopped working since 18th February.
Can you fix it ASAP, please?

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Glad to hear that this sorted itself out guys!

@Denso1980 I’d suggest contacting the team on Facebook or Twitter (by sending them a private message with your name, DoB and account number) so that they can look into what’s going on with your usage graph.

Thanks, I have done already. First, by phone around 15 minutes talk with an operator. Second time here in the forum. I have disappointed with the recently installed smart meter and third time sent a private email to Emily_ovo with the request of details.
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send us a message via FacebookTwitter  or the Help Centre has online chat, and we can look at this!


the daily usage has been missing still
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the daily usage has been missing still

Are you still experiencing this issue, @Denso1980? If so please send us a message on facebook or Twitter so we can take your acocunt details and send it over to the Tech team.

Yes mine has stopped working again, did this 2 months ago and i find it very useful. Please fix this
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Hi @Carolinesarah4,

Sorry to hear that. I'd like to understand this a bit better and I don't want to jump to conclusions. Can you give us a bit more information?

1. Is this problem affecting both electricity and gas?

2. Do you have Smart Meters or are you sending manual readings?

3. Are you looking at the Usage graphs on the OVO App or online at My OVO or both?

And can anyone else reporting the same issue please provide the same info please?

1. Yes affecting both electric and gas
2. Yes i have a smart meter
3. Yes looking at the usage graphs on the Ovo app
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Well @Carolinesarah4, I've left it a few hours to see if anyone else reported the same issues, but alas, not.

I think it's worthwhile you getting in touch through online chat on the Help Centre to report that problem on the assumption that it's affecting just your usage histograms.

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There has been a lot of comment about this. It is now a frequently repeating problem and, I guess, a source of annoyance to many. Ovo need to solve this quickly or they will lose customers. They have lost the number one spot with Which (now 6th) and they are suddenly way down the list on price. Best saving to go elsewhere is £209 . I don't want to leave but I don't want to pay an extra £290 for a service that seems to be getting worse Come on Ovo. Solve this problem while you still have our goodwill.