Why have my usage graphs stopped updating?

  • 18 February 2018
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No data for gas being updated since 19th March! I agree I moved to Ovo not as the cheapest but as best service. THIS IS NOT BEST SERVICE. I have had issues with MyOVO Account from Switch going forward. Not happy at all! Please get this sorted. Even BG has a more reliable system than this!
Yes my daily usage is now working on both gas and electric.. see how long this lasts!!!
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Yep, mine seems to be working fine now too.

Well done OVO.
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mine too, lets hope it doesn't happen again
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Hi all,

Good to hear reports that this seems to have resolved itself. The team have been working hard behind the scenes to get this sorted so fingers crossed it's all good now.

Thank you for your patience!! As I mentioned before, we are going to be setting up and news and updates section on the forum soon to help manage these types of issues so keep an eye out for that. We will be sure to let you know once its set up.

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I'm not on smart meters as have a PV install and not 100% convinced it won't cause issues, that and there is no mobile phone signal where I live. However according to my usage graph I used 315325 Kwh of gas in February! That means they have a daily cost of gas worked out at £337.85!?!?
Thankfully the actual billing is correct as I only used 2194kwh. I'm assuming the graph is purely a tool for monitoring and not used in the billing process? Otherwise I'm going to have to re-mortgage my house to pay for last months gas....
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That's a good point @Markrussell78.

I think the same meter readings are used quite differently by OVO for
  • Billing
  • Usage graphs
  • Forward estimates (to predict Direct Debits)

Although there's recently been a lot of reporting of Usage Graph failures, no one seems to have experienced issues with actual billed amounts.

Once SMETS2 meters start being deployed (months away yet), there is a new feature which could allow Customers to cap the amount of energy they buy within certain price-bands or time-slots. There are four separate features:
  • Time Of Use Tariffs: An extension to the existing Economy-7 concept
  • Block tariffs: Maintaining a count of how much of the consumption during a time band was consumed at different block rates
  • Load limiting: Capability to switch supply off when an ‘instantaneous use’ threshold is crossed.
  • Max demand registers: Capability to record the maximum demand in any 30 min (HH) period and during a configurable ‘peak’ period

Control of these features is effectively a complete re-write of the Usage Stats system, but with the Customer able to pre-set control parameters.

However, this is entirely separate from billing.

So there's sound reasoning as to why the meter readings are handled differently depending on what they are to be used for..
How we can use It with on Android, and can teach how to improve skill in this application?
My graph of gas usage stopped on January 2nd. Elec graph remained ok. I assumed a transmission problem from my gas meter to my electric meter. However, I now see that the web page for meter readings has a correct reading for January 14th. So the data is getting to Ovo but not to my usage page. Maybe a software problem at Ovo?
advice please. I should probably just ring Ovo!
The app claims to let me see historical usage as well as this year's, but it only shows me projected. The website will only show me this year's use compared with previous years' - but since it's January there is no data to display.

I'd love it if this was better - like if it had the option to show last 12 months not this calendar year!

(do any OVO people watch the forums?)
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Can you have a look at this thread @Ianmcgrath - might be the same issue...
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Hi @Timmo - I've moved your post onto this topic whee you can find more information about usage graphs. Hopefully you'll find this useful, feel free to ask any further questions below.