Why have my usage graphs stopped updating?

  • 18 February 2018
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Apologies for typo. £209 is the best saving, not £290!!
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Hi @Timmo,

Apologies, you're correct. I was too busy yesterday commenting on V2G to notice the other threads commenting on the same problem (again).

I guess if I don't spot all these postings then it must be equally difficult for OVO staff to do so. It's not really a clamour for attention if it's spread across multiple threads. As I don't have a Smart Meter yet, I'm not seeing the failed Usage-graphs myself.

Do you think those of you experiencing this problem could somehow agree to report your situation all on one common thread? This would be particularly useful if there was clear information, giving the times/dates at which the graphs stopped working and then re-started.

There's also a thread here on the Forum started by @Jon_OVO who is part of the App software development team. So if you tag him, I assume you'll gain a direct reporting route back to the programmers.

I also think we shouldn't jump to conclusions at this stage. DCC are also within the data-flow which creates the Usage-graphs. Is it possible that there are drop-outs in this data arriving at OVO?

Could it be that OVO's problem is simply that they don't yet have a piece of code notifying them when a drop-out has lasted more than a preset time?

Is it possible that the DCC data-flow stops unless it acknowledges a "handshake" from OVO's software, and it's the protocols used in that which are intermittent?

There are quite a number of causes to eliminate.
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It sounds like you have some tech knowhow, Transparent. Thanks for you very helpful answer. I am unsure how you get a "thread" of people to make a concerted approach to Ovo but I will take you up on your 2nd suggestion. The usage figs update once every 24 hours and usually some time around 4am. Today is the fifth day that they haven't updated and the first day when Gas usage has disappeared altogether so that when you ask for gas figures, you just get the electricity figures.
How can this be marked as SOLVED when the problem is affectin ever more of us?
Mine is not solved either
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Hi @Timmo and gang,

Yes, I'm a "techie". I've been working with computers from before the days of the micro-computer 🆒

I hadn't realised that the Customers with SM's usually had their Usage Graphs updated just once per 24hours. It could be relevant that this occurs by an unattended overnight script being run.

Programmers can only fix problems once they have sufficient information to isolate what's going wrong. So every bit of (accurate) feedback helps.

They need to look for a pattern, such as:
  • Does the fault only manifest for users with both electricity and gas accounts?
  • Is it only affecting users with a certain generation of firmware in their Smart Meters?
  • Is the fault only for users whose Smart Meters are connecting through GSM masts operated by Vodaphone, whilst BT/EE masts are fine?

So the more users who report the times/dates that the graph updates cease, the better chances there are for a programmer to deduce what's happening.

Here's a diagram showing in purple the data flow between your SMETS1 meter and OVO.

As you can see, the commands that OVO sends to your meter and the readings which it sends back are all routed through DCC (known as the Data Aggregator). DCC use heavy encryption for meter communication.

Either DCC stores your readings for 24hours and then sends them in an overnight bundle to OVO, or else DCC passes them through in real time every few minutes, and it's OVO who stores them. I don't know which.

Nevertheless, at some point overnight a program must be run by OVO which collates your raw meter readings into a graph. It must check and discard any obvious erroneous readings. It must also cope with gaps where no readings were presented.

I hope that helps shed some light on the process.

1. The updates are sent from the SM at 1 minute past midnight via SMS text.
2. The official line is that the graphs are updated by 24-48 hours later. 2 days is too stupid...
3. The month graphs began failing last Tuesday, although the day graph was being updated.
4. As of yesterday, all graph data, all historical graphs have disappeared.
5. Problems occurs at least with 'lece only.
6. I got called yesterday by OVO saying the problem was being passed to their technical team.
7. These problems have been going on for months, since last December at the very latest.
8. OVO have a habit of closing complaints, when clearly the problem has not been fixed. Yes Kieran, I am pointing the finger at you.
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That's very useful info, @bib.

As I don't yet have a SM, I'm not in a good position to help, apart from highlighting the fact that I think this Forum could be helping to collate information which can then point towards the source of the problem.

I'm interested that you write
The updates are sent from the SM at 1 minute past midnight via SMS text.

I would have imagined that there must be some sort of randomisation in the timing. Otherwise the SM's across the whole country would simultaneously splat the entire GSM network with their data packages.

Looking at the SMETS1 command set, I think it's DCC who poll the meters in a sequence and request that they send their data, rather than the meter itself using an inbuilt timer.

I wonder how many hours/days of reading the meter can continue to store if it doesn't get polled by DCC?
2 days ago my app stopped showing anything to do with my electricity account? Anyone got an answer?
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Morning all,

To anyone effected by this usage graph fault, I've confirmed from our Tech team that they are:

"aware of this issue and working hard to fix all effected accounts ASAP. No action is needed from the customer for this fix to be put in place".

So hold fire and we'll get this sorted for you!

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I also have posted on another thread so maybe OVO should make a new sector called outages and maybe post outages there themselves. One question asked above was is it those who have dual fuel affected only. I only have Electricity on the smart meter. Better energy supply my gas and its not on a smart meter as they dont do them yet. I am keeping a close eye on them if they start as they are very competitive in price but as yet only do gas.
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the daily usage has been missing still

Are you still experiencing this issue, @Denso1980? If so please send us a message on facebook or Twitter so we can take your acocunt details and send it over to the Tech team.


What madness is this? On your forums, where users have an account, you are asking users to contact you via third-parties (Twitter and Facebook) when they have a problem. Really? This is how OVO operate?

I'm gobsmacked.
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Hi @Rooty

The forum is there to allow customers to chat and support each other. We will of course step in as an when we need to, but if you need customer service support to help resolve something specific on your account, it's better and quicker for you to contact our customer service team.

If you send a private message to one of our forum mods, if they are not in on that day for example, no-one else can access their inbox as its private and we don't want customers sharing personal account information publicly on the forum, so this is the best and quickest way for you to get help and support if you have something more specific to your own account that needs looking into.

Hope that helps.

After the pause in readings in February, things seemed to settle down. However, I noticed last week that 1. the projection was not showing any more, and 2. there were no daily usage stats after the weekend. My bill came out on 24th as usual - now, I cannot get any information from the usage page whatsoever. The only way I can get any information is by checking the meter itself or the in-house unit, which will at least give me yesterday's usage. This does seem to have come about since a software update in February, and also seems to be getting a lot worse.
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I take on board what you say, Darran. I do. But to suggest using third-party data-mining companies as a sure method of getting in touch with your energy supplier ... strikes me as rather sad. I know it may be hard to believe, but not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, now we all know: beyond chats and simple queries which you hope will be solved by other users (to relieve the burden on your own support staff), and you live in a world without social media: ALWAYS GET IN TOUCH WITH OVO BY PHONE.

Just so it's clear. :8
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Hi @Rooty that's a fair point, we can always improve right. I'll make sure as mods we are offering options for routes into service where we need to as you are right, digital service channels are not for everyone.

We created the forum to support our customers, to save them having to wait on the phones to get through to ask straight forward questions that other users would be able to help with. It's not just about relieving the burden on us, its about helping customers get answers more quickly to the simple things that you'd usually queue for or wait a while for an email reply.

Again some customers prefer to go down those routes for service, we want to ensure we cater for all our customers and we aim to provide the best service we can.

@TedTW as per Tim's note above, we are aware of this and the Tech team have this a priority 1 on their task list to get this resolved asap.

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Hi @Rooty,
As a fellow customer, I hear you.
I'm very much at the technical end of the spectrum, but I'm not on either Facebook or Twitter!

I do know that the same team who moderate this forum also work on the live feeds from Social Media where they have to respond very quickly.

And I also appreciate @Darran_OVO's point that none of the six Mods can see each other's Private Messages.

I actually have a preference for using email to contact companies if there's a problem. A message through online chat on the Help Centre gives me a time/date stamp of when I sent it. Moreover Customer Service staff can re-route it to someone who is in the best position to deal with it. They may already have staff members collating details about failed Usage Graphs, but I doubt I'd reach them if I tried phoning.

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Well @Transparent I am also a techie. 😃 And @Darran_OVO I agree that multiple options are always good.

May I suggest however that pushing notifications when things go wrong, negate, for me at least to contact OVO at all. Of course, such action requires a public admission of a problem.

Pathways to notifying users:

o OVO Customer Account Home Page, where it constantly tells me "You're all up to date".

o Or instead of the OVO Customer Forum Home Page, "New OVO TV advert - Have you seen it?"

o Email (you know everyone's email account).

I could go on.
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Again fair point and something we are working on at the moment. I'm hoping to do a bit of a restructure of the forum in the next week or two and will include an area where we can post updates around this type of stuff to ensure on the forum at least we are seen to be being more proactive.

I'll also pass on your feedback re the use of push notifications from the app to the product team that looks after that. Useful insight for them.

TBH, we thought this issue was resolved on Friday so didn't post anything at that point. However it's clear its not resolved hence the priority placed on this.

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well at last someone from OVO giving positive news, i personally have suggested this more than once. Better to be an announcement on the customers page or an email as not all customers will use the forum PLUS it should save phone calls to you, providing the info is accurate.
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Hi @g4jnw Yep its not the first time we've had this feedback.

Another reason the forum is super useful to us to have this direct open conversation space with our customers.

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Just a quick FYI: I was referring to the website portal, not app. Your website offers so much more than the (iOS) app. :D

Be good to see your changes and it's great that you are being so reactive.
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As with all others I have had same issues from 19thMarch

1. Yes affecting both electric and gas
2. Yes i have a smart meter
3. Yes looking at the usage graphs on the Ovo app
4. Yes looking at the usage graphs on
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Yeah! The MyOvo app usage electricity daily details appear to be updated now -good start. Sadly no gas readings yet! 😔
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Sadly the monthly looks like the daily data!