Why have my usage graphs on My OVO stopped working?


Once again the Usage graphs have stopped working. No updates since the 10th May for gas and electricity on the website or the app on my iphone / ipad.

Best answer by nylets 16 May 2018, 10:33

Mine now appears to be up to date again. This seems to happen from time to time. I think it is a technical problem that OVO are aware of as they tend to fix it each time.

More info on this same issue here:
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Yep, same for me Nylets.
Mine now appears to be up to date again. This seems to happen from time to time. I think it is a technical problem that OVO are aware of as they tend to fix it each time.

More info on this same issue here:
My last Electricity update was 16 May but my Gas usage seems to have deleted completely. Just emailed OVO and got this reply

"Thank you for taking the time to email us today

I am sorry to inform you but if you are referring to the live usage graph this is something we have as a business decided to discontinue, these live graphs as they are not communicating the way they should, and while we are unsure to the permanent fix to them we have decided to remove them.

If its not the live usage graph then please let us know so we can arrajge for a tech team to take a look at this.

I hope this has been of some assistance to you. "

Unsure what is deemed the "Live Usage Graph" However I feel it is essential to have some form of graph to compare historical usage or else what is the point of having a smart meter.
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Thanks for posting here too @benny.

For others, please note there's a more comprehensive discussion of this topic on this thread.

Usage page on website and IOS app is blank ?

Why is this how to i look at my historical data?
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All Electricity usage has now disappeared. Gas has started again but is incorrect. My IHD is working perfectly. This is the third time in three months that the app has had usage update issues. Very annoying. Come on OVO you’ve now sent me a marketing email highlighting the advantages of the usage info! Not good!
Does the smart meter also log my gas usage?
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Good question @Stewart7,

The Gas Meter connects (wirelessly) to your Electricity Meter, which acts as the Master Unit.

The Electricity Meter is contacted once per day by DCC (Data Communications Company) and it transfers the readings for both gas and electricity via the mobile phone network. OVO obtain these readings for their customers from DCC.

If you want more details, please ask.
If I went for a smart meter, it sounds like I would have to have a new gas meter also??
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Yes, @Stewart7,

There are some technical reasons why it's sometimes not possible to fit one of the meters, but the Government subsidy paid to Energy Suppliers is based on the strategy that all domestic meters must have been changed to the Smart variety by the end of 2020. So you can't just ask for an electricity Smart Meter.

Actually the design of the SMETS2 software, to be released at the end of this year also has the functionality to be fitted to Smart Water Meters!

I have no idea if there's any region actually considering such a move, but it obviously makes sense to facilitate this in case it becomes a viable method of overcoming water shortages.
And a new water meter too?
Whose paying for all these new meters? Are us consumers paying through increased energy bills? Or are we as tax payers paying for the government to assist the energy companies to supply them?
Lastly, if OVO fit new smart meters, can they be used with another supplier if I were to switch, or would I have to go through the whole rigmarole again.
Thanks to all who have responded.
Can you now please make an old man happy by telling me that all this will cost me nothing extra on my energy bills, and that any smart meter I have fitted now, will be the only one I will ever need?
Thank you
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@Stewart7, I'm not suggesting that any company is actually considering fitting Smart Water Meters. It's just that these are supported under the SMETS software protocols.

The incoming SMETS2 software is intended to allow seamless switching between all British Energy Suppliers. However, it is still undergoing security tests, and no Smart Meters are yet being installed with that version.

I'd love to tell you that these would be the only Smart Meters you will ever need. However, technology has a habit of progressing.

Do you remember when we all had to buy Set-Top Boxes as the TV channels went digital? And then the High Definition channels were launched, which we couldn't receive!

Whether it's TV broadcasts or Smart Meters, we rely on the Government-appointed Regulators (Ofcom and Ofgem) to keep the commercial companies in check. They can't just release new technology on a whim. The Regulator requires them to go through public consultation and have the new systems ratified as an industry-standard first.
Thank you Transparent. I get it now.
This is a good app which helps me to pay my gas and electricity. It was working well but suddenly stop working my Iphone. I think that it has any technical issue. So I have reached and they have an updated of software. Now It is well to pay
My usage data used to be very useful. I could read annual, monthly, weekly or daily (hourly) use.
Now that seems to have all gone and I just get a monthly tab. Can you replace the old system please? Thanks
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Hey @David Strange, welcome to the forum.

Take a look over this thread for useful info, it may just be a routine update effecting your graphs.

Have been having problems with my usage on My OVO for over a month. No longer get the daily, weekly, monthly and annual usage. Now all I get is a graph which does not give any accurate info and is pointless. Contacted OVO several times and told its an IT problem and they are working on it but still nothing resolved. Very frustrating. Anybody else had similar problems
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I've moved your post here, @AliD, you'll find some handy info above. Hopefully our tech team will be able to get this sorted for you ASAP. ☺️
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Hi @AliD. Please clarify - do have a Smart Meter?

It would help the Forum Community enormously if you could fill out your Forum Profile. The precise answer to your query depends on so many things that we expect to find there, such as the renewal date of your OVO contract etc.

Hi @Transparent. Yes I have had a smart meter for over a year with no problems until now
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Thanks @AliD; so my assumption is that the loss of your graphs may not just be a fault seen by you, but a number of OVO customers with SMETS1 meters.

OVO need to rewrite the section of code which displays these graphs in order to cater for both SMETS1 and SMETS2 data. This isn't straightforward. SMETS1 data was incoming to OVO via a network which they had some control over and in a format which they could dictate to some extent.

SMETS2 data is presented to them via DCC's National Smart Meter Network which packages it into a universal data format, to be interrogated by all Energy Suppliers.

Moreover the SMETS2 system has the inbuilt capability for handling minute-by-minute data and half-hour bundles. But currently OVO is only sending data requests via DCC once per day, shortly after midnight.

Once OVO moves to Time-of-Use (TOU) Tariffs, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labours. But at the moment we only observe the frustrations whilst they build their data-handling system.

This isn't a problem unique to OVO. All Suppliers must migrate their software systems across to SMETS2 data formats.
Hi @Transparent. Thanks for that. My smart meter was not supplied by OVO but from my previous suppler Eon so I am not sure if it is a SMETS1 meter. My first year with OVO i was not connected to smart and had estimated readings but the second year they sent me a In Home Display and connected me and there have been smart readings ever since until recently.