Warm Home Discount 2018 - getting ready to apply

  • 5 September 2018
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UPDATE: applications for 2018 to 2019 are now closed. Information about this year's application here.


It’s that time of year again - the weather is starting to get colder and it’s almost time to apply for this winter’s Warm Home Discount.

The Warm Home Discount is a one-off payment of £140 (including VAT) to go towards your winter energy costs.

We’re not quite ready to open applications yet, but we’ve set up an email alert for when we do. You need to register for this notification and can do so here.

If you’re not sure if you can apply, you can check if you’re eligible here.

Please be aware that unless you receive the Guaranteed element of Pension Credit (Guaranteed Pension Credit), you will need to apply again every year, even if you received the Warm Home Discount last year.

If you receive the Guaranteed element of Pension Credit, you are classed as a ‘Core Group’ customer and are guaranteed the payment every year without application to the scheme. Please look out for a letter from the DWP around October that confirms your eligibility. If you do not receive this letter from DWP by November, please call 0800 917 1003 to confirm your eligibility with DWP. If you do not contact by 28/02/2019, you will not be able to claim Warm Home Discount

Updated 1/5/2020

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27 replies

Can anyone apply for this please or do you have to be pension age thank you
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Hi @Tracy1965 - customers of any age can apply!
Thank you very much xx
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I've been awarded the Warm Home discount for the last two years with OVO. Do I need to apply every year?
Are we any closer to the opening date @Nancy_OVO?

I'm new to the forum and happy to be here 😃
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Do I need to apply every year?

Hi @markymate - as mentioned above, the only circumstances under which you wouldn't need to apply is if you receive the Guaranteed element of Pension Credit. If you don't receive this, then you need to apply again every year, regardless of whether you've received it from us previously.

We've not confirmed an opening date yet.
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Thanks Nancy, I'll wait for the opening date.
Nancy, once the opening date is here could you please update this tread to say as such.
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Absolutely, @mansbestfriend!
I've pre registered, will you definitely contact me, as I did last Yr, and wasn't, I aplied as told, then told I wax to late, as a disabled person this affected us greatly, also nxt Yr I'm moving into a new build house, will there be power? Or how much in advance should I contact you so there is power when I get keys
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Hi @Jenpj71

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the email last year. I can assure you that as long as you've pre-registered, you'll get an email when applications open. Just keep an eye on your emails and your junk/spam folder, just in case.

Hi could you advice me when the warm home discount is set to open please
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@Mummymax make sure you have signed up via the link above and you'll be among the first to know.
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@Mummymax make sure you have signed up via the link above and you'll be among the first to know.
I have tried to apply but it wont accept my account number?
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Hi @Louday23, welcome to the forum.

That's frustrating. I just checked the form and it seems to accept mine. Are you definitely using the account number and not the OVO ID, I sometimes get confused between the two.
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@Tracy1965 @markymate @mansbestfriend @Jenpj71 @Mummymax

Hopefully you guys have had an email, but the applications are now open.
Hi @Mw2870

Nothing as yet, could you sort this out. Thank you.
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@mansbestfriend you can register here:
Thank you for your help.
I did speak to someone about this on the telephone. She was incredibly helpful and helped me fill in the application form. She also said Ovo would contact me if they needed more information. But I'm still not sure if I've answered some of the questions correctly.
For example . . . what counts as household income? I don't have a partner but I have a non-dependent son. I have told Ovo this. But does his income count?
It is taken into account for things like Housing Benefit and Council Tax but it isn't, as far as I'm aware, for things like help with my NHS costs such as spectacles etc.
Also for many years I've been entitled to free prescriptions because of a long term chronic illness but now I'm also entitled to them because I'm a pensioner.
Not sure what to do.
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Hey @mollymo - I've moved your post onto this topic where we're discussing all things Warm Home Discount.

Unfortunately, we’re not equipped to give specific help with benefit entitlement/tax credits. If you need more detailed assistance or information regarding your income and benefits, please contact your Citizens Advice Bureau or the DWP who can help you with understanding benefits: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/

Hope this helps!
Hi Nancy,
thanks for your reply but I'm not confused about my benefit entitlement/tax credits.

I was confused about whether or not I met the criteria for the Warm Home Discount as distributed by OVO. I still am.

Is there any way I can contact whichever department makes the decision? I really need to speak to someone about this.
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Unfortunately we haven't got a customer facing Warm Home Discount team, @mollymo.

We're unable to advise on the Warm Home Discount - so it may be worth contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau. They'll be able to help you out with any questions you've got.

As you've already filled in the application, the decision will be based on these answers.

HI I was told over 6 weeks ago I would have my warm home discount applied to my credit and it still has not please can someone advice me what to do next thankyou Maxime