V2G payments

  • 10 February 2020
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Hello 👋  @Ash_OVO 

it would seem V2G payments have been delayed? 
a few people including myself have not received any credits for January exports. 

can we get any clarification on the Delay ? 

many thanks !! 

2 replies

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Hello @D10hul


I can confirm that exports for January have been credited to accounts and are dated 31st of January. This will be viewable on any statements after this date. If you’re unable to see this, it would suggest your monthly statement is typically produced mid-month.  Please check page 3 of this statement when you receive it and you should see your export credits. 


If you have any further questions surrounding this, please feel free to email me at Support@Kaluza.com

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Funnly enough the export payment has shown today for January.