"Switch in progress" on My OVO - what does this mean?

  • 9 October 2018
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I've switched to OVO last summer and the supply started last 15th August. Everytime that I get into My OVO still shows 'Your switch progress' and in the Upper menu there aren't any option available, so I cannot send the meter reading or check how is going on my debt.

Could anybody help me?

Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply @FranBeja.

This 'onboarding timeline' will show for the first month or so, after the switch date. That's normal.

If it's still showing after this, and after a bill from them, maybe time to get in touch with them a see what is going on. You can message them on webchat via the Help Centre.

More info in this handy topic.


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Hi @FranBeja, welcome to the forum!

I know when I first joined OVO my online account was in a similar state to yours. The hold up turned out to be my old supplier not forwarding my closing reading to OVO. Without that they don't seem able to set up the account properly.

Have you had a final bill from your old supplier yet?
Hi @Mw2870

I moved to my current flat on July and the supplier was OVO too. So, yes, I have the final bill from OVO. Even worst, I just realize that I haven't receive any bill with my name, but they've taken the money from my bank account.

Thank you for your help!
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Updated 17/01/2020


Thanks for the reply @FranBeja.

This 'onboarding timeline' will show for the first month or so, after the switch date. That's normal.

If it's still showing after this, and after a bill from them, maybe time to get in touch with them a see what is going on. You can message them on webchat via the Help Centre.

More info in this handy topic.


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Hey @FranBeja,

I've updated your title and added some tags to this post to make it easier for others to find.

More info on this kind of account issue here.
Hi @Nancy_OVO

I still have the same problem and I don't know what is happening. Is there any other way to get some more information? Because I don't really know how much I'm spending every month and it's impossible to me to find this figures. Please, help!

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Did you check out the topic in Nancy's last comment, @FranBeja? There's loads of helpful advice.

If you haven't found what you need, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter so we can look into this for you. We may need to ask our Tech team to look into this.

If you don't use social media, just reach out to our Customer Care team via webchat - Help Centre.


It was showing 31St December for direct debit info and move on 7 Jan

It now shows on hold and email sent

No email received

Sent numerous emails and messages and nothing

Please help I a. Really lost
Hi. I was expecting to hear from you in mid-December when you said you needed a meter reading, but you haven’t been in touch. I’ve just checked my account and it says my switch is “on hold”.

Apparently you’ve emailed me, but I haven’t had anything since the original sign-up email.

What should I do, please? Thanks in advance.
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Hey @91dan and @Jamwo - I've moved your posts onto this topic where you should be able to find the info you need. Drop a comment below if you've got any more queries.

Previously an OVO customer with smart meter, switched back and been in the transition process of the switch since 20th Jan. First payment has been taken and now stuck on the Welcome to OVO screen of the switch with no way to view my account or add meter readings etc.
I also cannot find a way of connecting my existing smart meter from our previous contract.
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Hi @Carolinefrobinson - I've moved your post over here where you can find more info about this.
Hello! I'm experiencing the same issue here. I've noticed that my menu is blocked and I cannot access any item in the menu (including sending the readings).
The switch was supposed to be on the 30th of November 2018, I've received some statements in the meantime
Can you help with that please?
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Can you help with that please?


It does sound like you're effected by this issue mentioned, @les92

You'll need to reach out to the Customer Care team for them to diagnose: Help Centre.


Why is the app still saying switching in progress when you have been supplying me since april last year ,i cant submit metre readings ,view my bill or anything total waste of time begining to think i should have stayed where i was .
Just switched to OVO got an email confirmation yesterday but when I've gone into the app still says switching.
How long does it usually take?

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@Madmich and @nessie - I've moved your posts over here. More info above ☝🏼
Like the customers above, having transferred to OVO when FLOW collapsed, I am unable to access any of my account details in 'My OVO' and I cannot submit meter readings. The last message on setting up my account is that it should be completed by 29 January. Any suggestions?
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Hi @GRIZWALD - do you mean when Economy Energy collapsed? We were appointed by Ofgem to take on their old customers in January, but not Flow Energy's.
Hi Nancy - I did indeed mean Economy Energy; I was with Flow before.
Was part of the Economy Energy mess .. you have asked me for meter readings .. but my account still only shows the words “we have been supplying your energy from 31st January .. . It has now been nearly four months since you took over and nothing has been done and communication is poor. Shouldn’t have to rely on social media to get things done, what’s wrong with maintaining a phone line that is answered.
.. I want to leave, I am stuck on your standard tariff as I can’t do anything until it’s all sorted out. It’s a very bad show
I agree with Chaos above, in that the enforced switch has been very trying and somewhat worrying; however, to their credit, I have just received a very useful email from OVO setting out the state of affairs and what will happen next. For that I am grateful. I still remain concerned that I am unable to give meter readings and have no control over the situation.
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Hi @GRIZWALD There's nothing to prevent you from simply putting your meter readings in a message to their webchat team via the Help Centre. I don't know if your account number changes as you get moved to OVO, but you should at least give your address & postcode, together with the exact name under which you were billed by Economy Energy.

It may not get acted on immediately. But in the remote possibility of you ending up in dispute, the date/time stamp on your email provides clear evidence of the meter readings at that point in time. It would certainly help OVO in resolving such a dispute rapidly.

I have created an account, sent meter readings and set up direct debit which has been taken. However the app sends me to to the website which says my direct debit will be set up tomorrow each day I check. I can't access my account the app is telling me my switch to ovo is not complete. I can't give reading or apply for a smart meter. Any ideas?
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I've moved your post here, @Ferdy1984, please check out @Mw2870's best answer.