Stuck in "onboarding" time line - how long after switch before full access to online account?

My switch to Ovo was done on 9th Feb, opening readings were provided at the time, and I have already received my final bill from my old supplier. Yet my ovo account online is still stuck in the "oboarding" status saying that my supply will begin on 9th Feb.

When do I get access to the complete account online?

Best answer by Tim_OVO 9 June 2020, 16:27

Hi @Julia H 


If you’re still seeing this ‘switching to OVO’ page when logging in, it tells me your account isn’t fully up and running. We might be supplying you, but waiting to agree an opening meter reading with your old supplier for example. Up to 6 weeks from the supply start date is normal, any longer, and there might be a hold up that needs looking at. More info on this topic, and this topic. 


If you think there’s a delay (for example have you had your first statement yet? have you tried to reset your password?) reach out to our support team for this to be checked. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, or our Help centre has online chat!



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Updated 05/06/2020

Hello there!

I hope you are well and not too cold where you are!! Brrr!

I think it takes up to 6 weeks for your online account to become active. This is when they're waiting to confirm your opening meter readings.

If it goes over that, try logging in via incognito mode. Do this on Google chrome by pressing Ctrl Shift N Or on a Mac Cmd Shift N.

Failing that, what I would suggest is nipping over to Facebook and messaging OVO on their page or giving customer care a call, on 0330 303 5063, or message them on FacebookTwitter  or the Help centre has online chat. Facebook team and customer care are both SUPER fast and friendly!)

I really hope that will help you, please let me know how you get on!

Best wishes - stay warm!

Tristan 🙂



I have had an account with Ovo energy for a while now, but my account still won’t allow me to access any readings etc. I have just spoken to someone over the phone who has kindly sorted my pricing for the winter months, but would much prefer the account to work properly so I can keep up to date with readings etc. The following photos are all I see when I log in to my account. I have re set my password and tried re logging in numerous times, but nothing is working.
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See the 'best answer' (at the top) @Yasmin trigg
I switched to OVO over six months back and still unable to use the app as it’s still saying the gas move has been cancelled, when in fact we have been submitting our Gas (and Electric) readings (and paying) since November 2017. How can this be rectified?

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Hi @SallyB,

We'd need a bit more information than that to actually solve your problem.

For example did you receive a "Final Bill" from your previous Energy Supplier for both electricity and gas? This should have arrived about 6 weeks after the agreed Switch-date.

Have a look at this thread to see how it's meant to work.

Post again here once you've read that, and also have a look at your online My OVO page to check if that confirms OVO are indeed supplying both fuels. This page works on the same data as the App, but presents it differently.

If one of the Moderators sees this (@Lucy_OVO, @Darran_OVO) can you please move @SallyB's Topic across there please?
Have read thread and followed it. Switch has all gone through. A problem was noted on the number of the gas meter and was resolved by yourselves. The electricity happened on the date you promised but the gas was delayed by two weeks.This occurred in Nov 2017 and as I have said earlier I have been submitting gas and electric readings via the web page, but not allowed to on the app page (app used is Apple and latest Apple update loaded).

Regards Sally
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Thanks for additional information @SallyB.

Firstly can I point out that I'm a fellow customer, and don't work for OVO. Their Customer Service staff don't monitor this Forum. It's where we try to help each other.

Secondly, it really does sound like your problem is related only to the data which OVO use to send to the App. It could be an actual bug in the App-code, but I'm less certain of that.

Did you know there's a thread here dedicated to the latest App version 6.1.2?

I suggest you check that you have indeed got this latest version. If not, then download it before we go any further.

If the problem persists then I'm sure @Jon_OVO would like to know, so I've tagged him here.
Lastest version installed on App and also iPad. Must be the data OVO using as same problem on web page but allowed to input readings on web, but app will not allow any input whatsoever

Regards SallyB
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Thanks for the clarification @SallyB,

So this certainly seems to be an App-only issue. Let's give the Product Manager a chance to get his feet under the desk this Monday morning, and then @Jon_OVO can direct him to this Topic Thread.

Moderators: If you read this, please scrub my original request as to where to move this thread. As it's App-related, it should be moved to the thread for App v6.1.2 of course. Sorry.
My Switch to OVO was completed last week. Everytime I log into the app on my phone, i get the message "Sorry, there was a problem grabbing your account information" The only 2 options are retry or logout........Help!
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We already had a topic on this, @dhwilcox, so I moved your query over here! :)

As you've only just switched to us, your account will be onboarding and going through a validation phase. I'd recommend checking out Bumblebee's best answer for more information about this.

hi, every body. I just joined OVO 1 month ago. And yesterdayI just received an email to ask me to record my bill reading. But after I log into MY OVO account, I found that I can't click into the page of METER READING or any other pages. I think I have completed the process of joinning OVO and OVO is supplying my house now, that's for sure because I have recceived an email. Hope somebody could help me with that and tell me what to do, I would just attach a screenshot here. Thanks a lot.
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Check out the best answer at the top for more info, @Mr. Peacock.
I log on to my OVO online account but it just keeps showing me to track my switch even tho I ve been with them for nearly 2 years. I can’t see anything about my account. Can anyone help.
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Hi @Tshilton, welcome to the forum!

It can take up to 6 weeks from the supply start date until you have full access to My OVO.
But not TWO YEARS!!

You will need to email OVO or contact them via social media.

My Ovo account has become stuck on the first stage of the switching sequence ("Welcome to Ovo", see attached image) even though I've had the account since July and when I first moved in I was able to use the My Ovo service completely.
How can I get my account working properly again?
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Hey @AngusWebster - I've moved your post over here where you should be able to find the info you need!
My switch date was the 14th of December.
I had an email to say I’m now on supply with OVO but when I try to log into my account (app or online) it still takes me to the track your switch page.
Same here. Switch confirmed, direct debit, etc - all ‘ticked’. But no access to rest of app/account.
OVO began supplying my energy on 15/12/2018 but when I try to log in to my account, the only info there is the switch tracking timeline, which still states that OVO will be supplying energy on 15/12/2018, even though it is now 19/12/2018.

There are no links I can click on yet I have received several emails to my current email address about my new account so it is obviously up and running but I cannot view my personal details in my account. As there seems to be an issue with the correct email address linked to my account and forum details I really need to access my info to update it. Any ideas?

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Hi @Jillyc @CliveS @Samuelowen88

I've moved your comment to this thread as @Bumblebees top answer should help! ☺️
I am unclear whether this forum is run by Ovo and whether it is to deal with specific account/customer issues. I can't find any email address or link on my account dashboard to let me contact Ovo....I have a problem with my dashboard as all links are just showing the onboaring/welcom flow message even though i have been on Ovo supply since mid December
I switched to OVO a couple months ago and when I tried to send my meter readings digitally I found that on the website I was met with the 'pre-registering' page:
On this page it says my switch is happening on 17th October (2018). This is disconcerting as it is now January 2019. I would like to be able to submit my meter readings. the last couple of times I tried the day they asked for but was unable to due to this issue. It is similar on the app, however it just says it is unable to find my info.
I appreciate that calling up and doing it manually or emailing would be solutions to this, but the website/app issue does still have me worried and I would like to both have the convenience of the site/app and also keep the self service reward if I can help it.
So my question is, what can I do to sort this out?
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Hello @Elixirninja

I have seen this issue with a few users and it was a cache issue on their machines. Best thing to try is logging onto the website in incognito mode. You can do this on Google chrome by pressing Ctrl Shift N Or on a Mac Cmd Shift N.

Please let me know how you get on
Just gave that a try and no effect