Price cap and my standing charge

  • 14 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Under the new cap standing charge is no more than £177 per year , ovo new deal for me quotes standing charge at £200 ????

3 replies

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The price cap only applies to OVO's standard rate tariff, the government have introduced this so that those people that never switch tariffs aren't penalised.

If you sign up to a different tariff such as a fixed rate, you'll pay a higher standing charge which is 28.77 p per/day inc VAT which over 365 days will cost you £210.02

I've noticed that OVO don't always include VAT in their quotes, so if you add 5% VAT to the figure they quoted it's nearer to what I mentioned, i.e.

You would actually pay £200 + 5% = £210

Hopefully I explained that ok?
Thanks Slinky, silly me here was I thinking energy firms were open and put information clearly ....just having a senior moment ..But thanks for clearing that up
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LOL.., I think we're all guilty of having those now and then. Energy firms putting things clearly? Are you serious?