OVO Community Blog - Issue 27

  • 9 December 2019
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OVO Community Blog - Issue 27
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End of an era - and a good send off


@Darran_OVO had his last day as our community manager on Friday. You can read up on his departure (and say your goodbyes) on his last EVER blog, this time last week. As a result, I’ll be doing this week’s blog, which is being dedicated to him. We celebrated in style:


Thanks for launching our forum Darran - you’ll be missed! 
An emotional farewell

In other news:


The topic with the most views last week (945 views to be precise) was this mammoth topic on smart meter connection issues. Is @Mw2870 ‘s answer still up to date? 


@Andras ‘s topic asking trialists about their Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charging preferences got the chat going - it was the most active topic! Are we doing enough on V2G - what would you like to see more of @Leo Moran @vespalads @D10hul ? I’m aware of an unofficial V2G OVO Facebook group - what can we do to make this community the hub for all V2G content and discussion? Feel free to PM me, or leave a comment below to see if others agree. 


Emerging as a bit of an expert, @SR3 has won the ‘Wayfinder’ badge this week - awarded for providing ‘best answers’ and getting ‘likes’. You’ve solved 8 questions in total SR3 - if you’re even in Bristol, we owe you a coffee! More info on badges and ranking here! 


We’re planning on giving these badges and user ranks a bit of a revamp, and a new points based system is on the horizon. Watch this space!


Asking you what you want from us


We’re going to be posting some poll content over the coming weeks, asking you about the sort of content you want to see more of. I’ll make them super short, but you filling them in would be very handy. For now, leave a comment below to let us know what you think of this weekly blog, and our weekly Newswire round up. Here’s last week’s edition. Something we should continue to do? 


I’m going to speaking to our top superuser @Transparent this week, asking what they want to see more/less of and where we can make improvements. Anyone else want a chat, send me a PM! 


That’s it for now folks, I’ll see you on another topic! 






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@Tim_OVO, Hi 

The OVO Unofficial FB page is alway going to be more dynamic and fluid compared to here, but I see that this forum might or should also have its place in the trial, forums are just a bit dated, I don't think it can be changed, they don't respond well to mobile devices and are really designed around desktops ? if I am using I on a mobile device it constantly logs me out, so if you want it to be used more ? design a V2G specific App or forum app not a webpage behaving as a app but an actual app. ( for the record the FB app was my creation ) 

Best wishes  to @Darran_OVO 

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Thanks for the feedback @D10hul - so you’re a developer?! It’s going to be a tough sell to get you to ditch your own app.


I agree that a mobile specific app lends itself to a better user experience on that device. Insided, who build and improve this platform, are looking to improve mobile specific display settings, so we might be able to close the gap on that front soon. What big changes would you like to see first?


Do you visit this forum on your desktop computer, and are your login details stored on a mobile, after it logs you out? This is something I can get looked into...



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@Tim_OVO hah sorry should be FB GROUP OVO V2G lol, thats what happens when your busy not proof reading first !!


I mostly use this from my desktop, I find the mobile channel not very user friendly, if I use the link from my iPhone from the emails I need to log back in so I don't really bother and its a bit clunky, cheers for the reply though !!

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@Tim_OVO hah sorry should be FB GROUP OVO V2G lol, thats what happens when your busy not proof reading first !!


Ahhhh that makes sense - well it’s a pleasure to meet the founder: we’re both communities at the end of the day. Let’s work together on content sharing…..?

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Interesting exchange of views here @D10hul.

I have three observations to make:


1: We’re in danger of seeing the V2G product as an entity on its own. This isn’t helped if there are off-Forum discussions amongst those on the Trial.

V2G technology needs to be seen as one of about 10 strategies which will enable us energy consumers to implement what Ofgem and BEIS call Demand Side Response. It’s just part of a wider range of technologies that the UK will use to

  • use less energy at times of peak-demand
  • reduce losses in the electricity distribution grid
  • use & store renewable energy when it’s available
  • work towards zero-carbon emissions
  • assist households in “energy poverty”
  • combat Climate Change
  • build fewer power-stations feeding the transmission grid
  • introduce a wider range of gasses in the mix


2: Ofgem & BEIS are already aware that a central deficiency in the move towards Demand Side Response is public education. We’re already experiencing this in needless negative publicity around the subject of Smart Meters.

This Forum can be an exemplar distributor of information and promoter of energy education in a way that a one-subject FB Group cannot.


3: I have reservations about the current OVO/Kaluza App. It’s too heavily oriented towards the particular product developments which Kaluza themselves are controlling via their software platform (in association with Indra, Nissan and Sonnen).

It also assumes a fair amount of technical understanding on the part of the user in order to set up preferences.

In real life, us energy customers operate within a world where preferences are less distinct. An elderly couple may wish their living room to be kept at around 20ºC, but have to live within a budget defined by their pension. So if they awake to a spring day that is clearly going to warm and sunny, they won’t want to pay for 2 hours use of their boiler to bring their living room up to temperature by 8am.

The App needs to reflect these generalities, receiving weather forecast input to the Kaluza Platform to inform decisions, but without the customer needing to know how this is being achieved.


Yes, I have raised such matters with Kaluza staff… but in reality, it would better to develop the concepts by open Forum discussions where genuine customers can gradually build on, and modify, ideas put forward by others.


And @Tim_OVO - how long are we going to wait until Insided restore the colour-tag system? Some Topics have it, whilst others don’t!

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This Forum can be an exemplar distributor of information and promoter of energy education in a way that a one-subject FB Group cannot.


I second that, but I’m biased ^^^


And @Tim_OVO - how long are we going to wait until Insided restore the colour-tag system? Some Topics have it, whilst others don’t!


I’ve been advised by Insided that:


The team investigated the reported issue and concluded that it is not a bug. 

This comment shows bbcode because the end user added the comment in a html editor by using bbcode tags. This works as expected.


I’m double checking the implications of this for old content with BB-code, as my understanding is these should be showing correctly. 


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Hmmm…. I don’t follow Insided’s logic.

If these color-tags are still meant to work, then why did this post yesterday fail to interpret them?